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Title Index Movie Release Year Genre Plot
Any Given Sunday 1407 1999 Drama; Sport <i>Oliver Stone Collection</i><br /><br /> Life is a contact sport and football is life when three-time Academy Award®-winning filmmakers Oliver Stone and a dynamic acting ensemble explore the fortunes of the Miami Sharks in <I>Any Given Sunday</I>, showcased in this deluxe edition with a second DVD full of high-scoring Extra Features!<br><br> Embattled Sharks coach Tony D'Amato (Al Pacino) faces a full-on blitz of team strife plus a new owner (Cameron Diaz) who's sure Tony is way too Old School. An injured quarterback (Dennis Quaid), a flashy, bull-headed QB (Jamie Foxx), a slithery team doctor (James Woods) and a running back with an incentive-laden contract (LL Cool J) also provide some of the stories that zigzag like diagrams in a playbook. And throughout, there's the awesome spectacle of motion, sound and action orchestrated into "Oliver Stone's most electrifying film in years. A dazzling spectacle" (Peter Travers, <I>Rolling Stone</I>).
Carlito's Way 297 1993 Action; Crime Sprung from prison on a legal technicality by his cocaine-addled attorney, former drug kingpin Carlito Brigante stuns the local underworld when he vows to go straight. Taking a job managing a glitzy, low-life nightclub, he tracks down his onetime girlfriend and rekindles their romance, promising he's changed for good. But Carlito's dream of going legitimate is undermined at every turn by murderous former cronies and even deadlier young thugs out to make a name for themselves. Ultimately, however, his most dangerous enemy is himself. Despite good intentions, Carlito's misguided loyalties and an outmoded code of "honor" will plunge him into a savage life-or-death battle against the relentless forces that refuse to let him go.
Carlito's Way 888 1993 Crime; Drama; Thriller <i>From the director of Scarface</i><br /><br /> From the director of <i>Scarface</i> come the critically acclaimed crime thriller <i>Carlito's Way</i>. Oscar® winner <b>Al Pacino</b> gives an electrifying performance as former drug kingpin Carlito Brigante, who is sprung from prison by his high-powered attorney (Academy Award® winner <b>Sean Penn</b>). He stuns the New York underworld by vowing to go straight from a history of violence, but his plans are undermined by misguided loyalties and an outmoded code of honor. In a life-or-death battle, Carlito takes on the relentless forces that refuse to let him go. Co-starring <b>John Leguizamo</b> and <b>Luis Guzmán</b>, <i>Carlito's Way</i> is a powerful, action-packed ride all the way to its explosive conclusion.
Devil's Advocate, The 58 1997 Drama; Thriller <i>The newest attorney at the world's most powerful law firm has never lost a case. But he's about to lose his soul.</i><br><br> Kevin Lomax, a ruthless young Florida attorney that never lost a case, is recruited by the most powerful law firm in the world. In spite of his mother's disagreement, which compares New York City to Babylon, he accepts the offer and the money that comes along. But soon, his wife starts feeling homesick as she witnesses devilish apparitions. However, Kevin is sinking in his new cases and pays less and less attention to his wife. His boss and mentor, John Milton, seems to always know how to overcome every problem and that just freaks Kevin right off.
Dog Day Afternoon 85 1975 Crime; Drama <i>The robbery shold have taken 10 minutes. 4 hours later, the bank was like a circus sideshow. 8 hours later, it was the hottest thing on live TV. 12 hours later, it was all history. And it's all true.</i><br><br> On a hot Brooklyn afternoon, two optimistic losers set out to rob a bank. Sonny (Al Pacino) is the mastermind, Sal (John Cazale) is the follower, and disaster is the result. Because the cops, crowds, TV cameras and even the pizza man have arrived. The "well-planned" heist is now a circus.
Donnie Brasco 298 1997 Crime; Drama <i>In 1978, the US government waged a war against organized crime. One man was left behind the lines.</i><br><br> Posing as jewel broker Donnie Brasco, FBI agent Joe Pistone (Depp) is granted entrance into the violent mob family of aging hitman Lefty Ruggiero (Pacino). When his personal and professional live collide, Pistone jeopardizes his marriage, his job, his life and ultimately the gangster mentor he has come to respect and admire.
Glengarry Glen Ross 39 1992 Drama <i>Lie. Cheat. Steal. All in a day's work. </i><br><br> A riveting tale of desperation and betrayal based on David Mamet's Pulitzer Prize-winning play.<br><br> Al Pacino, Jack Lemmon, Alec Baldwin, Ed Harris, and Kevin Spacey shine in this powerful story set in the world of real estate. Times are tough at Premiere Properties. Shelley "the machine" Levene (Lemmon) and Dave Moss (Harris) are veteran salesmen, but only Ricky Roma (Pacino) is on a hot streak. The new Glengarry sales leads could turn everything around, but the front office is holding them back until there "losers" prove themselves. Then someone decides to take matters into his own hands, stealing the Glengarry leads and leaving everyone wondering who did it.
Heat 1426 1995 Action When <b>Al Pacino</b> and <b>Robert De Niro</b> square off, <i>Heat</i> sizzles. Written and directed by <b>Michael Mann</b>, <i>Heat</i> includes dazzling set pieces and a bank heist that <i>USA Today</i>'s <b>Mike Clark</b> calls "the greatest action scene of recent times." It also offers "the most impressive collection of actors in one movie this year" (<i>Newsweek</i>). <b>Val Kilmer</b>, <b>Jon Voight</b>, <b>Tom Sizemore</b> and <b>Ashley Judd</b> are among the memorable supporting players in this tale of a brilliant L.A. cop (<b>Pacino</b>) following the trail from a deadly armed robbery to a crew headed by an equally brilliant master thief (<b>De Niro</b>).
Insider, The 495 1999 Drama <i>"An edge-of-your-seat thriller!" - Newsweek</i><br /><br /> <I>The Insider</I> recounts the chain of events that pitted an ordinary man against the tobacco industry, and dragged two people into the fight of their lives.<br><br> Academy Award Winner Al Pacino (<I>Any Given Sunday, The Devil's Advocate</I>) gives a powerful performance as veteran <I>60 Minutes</I> producer Lowell Bergman, and Russell Crowe (<I>L.A. Confidential, Mystery, Alaska</I>) co-stars as the ultimate insider, former tobacco executive Dr. Jeffery Wigand. When Wigand is fired by his employer -- one of the largest tobacco companies in America -- he agrees to become a paid consultant for a story Bergman is working on regarding alleged unethical practices within the tobacco industry. But what begins as a temporary alliance leads to a lengthy battle for both men to save their reputations, and much, much more.<br><br> As they soon find out, Corporate America will use all legal means at their disposal to save a billion-dollar-a-year habit. And as the corporate giants soon find out, Bergman and Wigand are honorable men, driven to smoke out the evidence.<br><br> Also starring Christopher Plummer (<I>Malcolm X</I>) as anchor Mike Wallace and Gina Gershon (<I>Face/Off</I>), <I>The Insider</I> will chill you with its cold, hard edge -- and thrill you with its unbelievable twists and turns.
William Shakespeare's The Merchant Of Venice 818 2004 Comedy; Drama Antonio (Jeremy Irons), a successful but cash-poor merchant, approaches Shylock (Al Pacino), a wealthy moneylender, for a loan to help his young friend Bassanio (Joseph Fiennes, <i>Shakespeare in Love</i>) woo the fair Portia (Lynn Collins, <i>13 Going On 30</i>). Despite being longtime enemies, Shylock grants the request, but demands one pound of Antonio's flesh if the debt is not repaid on time. When Antonio defaults on the loan, Shylock seeks what is legally owed to him but soon learns that those whom evil is done, do evil in return.
Scarface 301 1983 Crime; Drama <i>He loved the American Dream. With a Vengeance.</i><br><br> In the spring of 1980, the port at Mariel Harbor was opened, and thousands set sail for the United States. They came in search of the American Dream. One of them found it on the sun-washed avenues of Miami... wealth, power and passion beyond his wildest dreams. he was Tony Montana. The world will remember him by another name... <I>Scarface</I>.
Scent Of A Woman 892 1992 Drama <i>Col. Frank Slade has a very specin for the weekend. It involves travel, women, good food, fine wine, the tango, chauffeured limousines and a loaded forty-five. And he's bringing Charlie along for the ride.</i><br /><br /> Al Pacino won his first "Best Actor" Oscar for his brilliant portrayal of an overbearing, blind retired Lieutenant Colonel who hires a young guardian (Chris O'Donnell), to assist him. It's a heart-wrenching and heartwarming tale of opposites attracting when they embark on a wild weekend trip that will change the lives of both men forever.
Serpico 683 1973 Crime; Drama <I>Serpico</I> is based on the true story of a New York policeman who discovers that honesty is not expected to be part of his job. He endures scorn and mistreatment from his fellow cops while attempting to perform his job with integrity. The character of <I>Serpico</I>, combining the best elements of the Establishment and counter-culture, is a tour-de-force for Al Pacino. The film is a breathtaking suspense story and a fascinating character study as well as a memorable statement about government's inherent flaws.
The Godfather 294 1972 Crime; Drama Francis Ford Coppola's epic masterpiece features Marlon Brando in his Oscar-winning role as the patriarch of the Corleone family. Director Coppola paints a chilling portrait of the Sicilian clan's rise and near fall from power in America, masterfully balancing the story between the Corleone's family life and the ugly crime business in which they are engaged. Based on Mario Puzo's best-selling novel and featuring career-making performances by Al Pacino, James Caan and Robert Duvall, this searing and brilliant film garnered ten Academy Award nominations, and won three including Best Picture of 1972.
The Godfather Part II 295 1974 Crime; Drama This brilliant companion piece to the original <i>The Godfather</i> continues the saga of two generations of successive power within the Corleone family. Director <b>Francis Ford Coppola</b> tells two stories in Part II: the roots and rise of a young Don Vito, played with uncanny ability by <b>Robert De Niro</b>, and the ascension of Michael (Al Pacino) as the new Don. Reassembling many of the talents who helped make <i>The Godfather</i>, <b>Coppola</b> has produced a movie of staggering magnitude and vision, and undeniably the best sequel ever made. <b>Robert De Niro</b> won an Oscar®; the film received six Academy Awards®, including Best Picture of 1974.
The Godfather Part III 296 1990 Crime; Drama One of the greatest sagas in movie history continues. In this third film in the epic Corleone trilogy, <b>Al Pacino</b> reprises the role of powerful family leader Michael Corleone. Now in his 60's, Michael is dominated by two passions: freeing his family from crime and finding a suitable successor. That successor could be fiery Vincent (Andy Garcia)...but he may also be the spark that turns Michael's hope of business legitimacy into an inferno of mob violence.<br><br> Francis Ford Coppola directs <b Pacino</b>, <b>Garcia</b>, <b>Diane Keaton</b>, <b>Talia Shire</b>, <b>Eli Wallach</b>, <b>Sofia Coppola</b>, <b>Joe Mantegna</b> and others in this exciting, long-awaited film that masterfully explores the themes of power, tradition, revenge and love. Seven Academy Award® nominations for 1990 were the result, including Best Picture.
Two For The Money 1056 2005 Sport; Thriller <i>"An adrenaline rush from start to finish!" -- Mose Persico, Entertainment Spotlight</i><br><br> Academy Award® winner Al Pacino and Matthew McConaughey star in this adrenaline-charged thriller about the sexy, high-stakes world of sports betting, where fortunes can be made and lost with the flip of a coin.<Br><Br> When Brandon Lang (McConaughey) becomes the protégé of sports gambling's power player, Walter Abrams (Pacino), he swiftly becomes the golden boy of the high-rolling world for consistently picking football winners. Now, with millions on the line, he finds himself in a deadly game of con-versus-con with his new mentor.<Br><br> Also starring Rene Russo and Jeremy Piven (TV's <i>Entourage</i>), <i>Two For The Money</i> sizzles with intense, non-stop thrills!

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