Title Index Movie Release Year Genre Plot
10th & Wolf 1488 2006 Crime; Drama <i>Inspired By A True Story From The FBI Agent Known As "Donnie Brasco"</i><br /><br /> Marine Sgt. Tommy Santoro (James Marsden) thought he had left his family's ties to the mafia behind. But a visit from the F.B.I. sends him home to the tightly-knit South Philly neighborhood of <i>10th & Wolf</i> to face the biggest dilemma of his life.
1984 247 1984 Sci-Fi <i>Based on the novel by George Orwell...</i><br><br> This stunning film adaptation "journeys straight to the heart of the nightmare" (<i>Variety</i>) portrayed in George Orwell's terrifying classic. John Hurt is "perfect" (<i>The Washington Post</i>) as a doomed rebel, and Richard Burton "is a model of powerful restraint" (<i>Chicago Tribune</i>) as a sadistic agent of the ruling party. <Br><Br> Winston Smith (Hurt) endures a squalid existence in totalitarian Oceania under the constant surveillance of Big Brother. But his life takes a horrifying turn when he begins a forbidden love affair and commits the crime of independent thought. Sent to the chillingly labeled "Ministry of Love," he is placed as the mercy of O'Brien (Burton), a coolly treacherous leader determined to control his thoughts...and crush his soul.
7 Seconds 878 2005 Thriller <i>Timing is Everything.</i><br><br> Action star Wesley Snipes (the <i>Blade</i> trilogy, <i>U.S. Marshals, Passenger 57</i>) is a professional thief whose high-stakes caper goes murderously wrong in this explosive, brilliantly unpredictable crime thriller. Captain Jack Tolliver (Snipes) is an ex-Delta Force commando leading what should have been a clockwork-perfect armored car heist. Instead, he ends up with a priceless Van Gogh painting - and one of his crew ends up held hostage by the sadistic Russian gangsters who muscled in on the heist. Tolliver's only option: a suicidal rescue mission where enemies become allies, your best friend can be your worst nightmare, and survival is the deadliest art of all.
After The Sunset (Widescreen) 713 2004 Crime; Thriller; Action; Adventure; Comedy Two master thieves, Max Burdett (Pierce Brosnan) and his beautiful accomplice Lola, (Salma Hayek) have escaped to the Bahamas to relax and enjoy their hard-earned riches. But Stan (Woody Harrelson), the FBI agent trailing Max, refuses to believe that his nemesis is calling it quits. He suspects Max and Lola of plotting to steal the last Napoleon diamond, coincidentally scheduled to arrive on the island as part of a cruise ship exhibition. While Lola is content settling into their new life of leisure, Max contemplates stealing the diamond. Now the question is, will he get back into the heist game - and will Stan finally catch him? <i>After the Sunset</i> is a high-stakes, action thrill ride with mile-a-minute twists that will leave you breathless!
Airheads 650 1994 Comedy; Music; Crime <i>The amps are on, but nobody's home.</i><br /><br /> In this hilarious spoof of the music industry, three intelligence challenged rock 'n' rollers (Brendan Fraser, Steve Buscemi, Adam Sandler) decide to take drastic action after their music continually falls on deaf ears. They break into a radio station, hoping to get their demo played on the air. But when the deejay (Joe Mantegna) and station manager (Michael McKean) refuse to play their song, the boys have no choice but to take the entire radio station hostage.
Along Came A Spider 462 2001 Thriller <i>The game is far from over.</i><br /><br /> Morgan Freeman reprises his <I>Kiss The Girls</I> role as Alex Cross in this spellbinding psychological thriller that is "a knockout with a surprise twist."<br><br> After the harrowing death of his partner, detective and best-selling author Alex Cross has retreated to the peace of retirement. But when a brilliant criminal (Michael Wincott) kidnaps a senator's young daughter, Alex is lured back into action. Teamed with the Secret Service agent (Monica Potter) assigned to protect the missing girl, Alex follows a serpentine trail of clues that leads him to a stunning discovery - the kidnapper wants more than just ransom… he wants Alex's help in documenting the crime of the century. With time running out, Alex plunges through a tangled web of danger and deceit to stop a madman and save an innocent victim's life.
American History X 50 1998 Crime; Drama <i>His Father Taught Him Hate. His Friends Taught Him Rage…His Enemies Gave Him Hope.</i><br><br> Derek Vinyard the charismatic leader of a group of young white supremacists, lands in prison for a brutal, hate-driven murder. Upon his release, ashamed of his past and pledging to reform, Derek realizes he must save his younger brother, Danny from a similar fate. A groundbreaking controversial drama about the tragic consequences of racism in a family.
American Psycho 1329 2000 Comedy; Crime; Drama; Horror; Thriller <i>"Smart and Scary" -The Village Voice</i><br /><br /> Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale) is a young, handsome, Harvard educated Wall Street success, seemingly perfect with his stunning fiancée (Reese Witherspoon) and entourage of high-powered friends. But his circle of friends doesn't know the other Patrick Bateman, the one who lusts for more than status and material things. With a detective (Willem Dafoe) hot on his trail and temptation everywhere, Patrick Bateman can't fight his terrible urges that take him on the pursuit of women, greed and the ultimate crime -- murder! Based on the controversial book by Bret Easton Ellis, <I>American Psycho</I> is a sexy thriller that sets forth a vision that is both terrifying and chilling.
Animal, The 13 2001 Comedy <i>He wasn't much of a man… now he's not much of an animal.</i><br><br> He might not look like much, but it's what's inside that counts. Comic genius Rob Schneider (<I>Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo, Big Daddy</I>), TV's "Survivor" Colleen Haskell, John C. McGinley (<I>Any Given Sunday, The Rock</I>) and Edward Asner (<I>The Bachelor, JFK</I>) star in the most outrageous and hysterical comedy of the year.<br><br> When evidence clerk Marvin Mange (Schneider) answers a 911 call of a burglary in progress, his dream of one day becoming a cop seems to be coming true. But a freak car accident en route to the crime leaves Marvin and his dream a shattered mess. When Marvin awakens a week later, he finds that a deranged scientist secretly used animal organs to rebuild his broken body. Energized by his new and improved parts, Marvin achieves instant fame as a super cop until his animal instincts start taking over his body at all the wrong times. And when he finds himself falling for the lovely and sexy Rianna (Haskell), it's animal magnetism at its craziest in the funniest and wildest comedy of the year!
AntiTrust 1394 2000 Crime; Drama; Thriller <i>"A Clever Paranoid Thriller." -The Wall Street Journal</i><br /><br /> In a world where unseen enemies can watch your every move, who can you trust? Ryan Phillippe (<I>Cruel Intentions</I>), Rachael Leigh Cook (<I>She's All That</I>), Claire Forlani (<I>Meet Joe Black</I>) and Oscar® nominee Tim Robbins star in this fast-paced, sizzling thriller that crackles with "genuine intrigue" (<I>Entertainment Today</I>), "considerable suspense" and an "ingenious, stunningly cinematic payoff" (<I>Los Angeles Times</I>) you have to see to believe!<br><br> Young, brilliant computer whiz Milo Hoffman (Phillipe) lands an exciting and lucrative job at the world's largest computer company, N.U.R.V. Handpicked by powerful C.E.O. Gary Winston, to work on a project that will change the way the world communicates, Milo thinks he's found his dream job. But when his best friend, Teddy, is brutally murdered and clues lead to N.U.R.V's involvement, Milo becomes obsessed with uncovering the truth. With his cunning and beautiful girlfriend (Forlani) and a sexy programmer (Cook) to help him, Milo races to beat Teddy's murderers at their own cyber game. But as they close in on him, he realizes he may be too late to learn the most important code of all: Keep your friends close. Keep your enemies closer. And know which are which before you are killed.
Assassination Tango 981 2003 Drama; Thriller Oscar winner Robert Duvall writes, directs and stars in this "fascinating" tale of dancing, deception...and deadly passion on the sizzling streets of Argentina. Starring Reuben Blades, Kathy Baker and Luciana Pedraza, <i>Assassination Tango</i> is "part gritty crime thriller, part dance-driven romance, part evocative character study" (<i>The Hollywood Reporter</i>). <br><br> Veteran hit man John J. (Duvall) has just received the toughest assignment of his career: Travel to Buenos Aires, take down a corrupt general and be back in America in less than three days. But when the hit is unexpectedly delayed, John finds himself prowling the city's intoxicating tango clubs - only to be seduced by a sultry dancer (Pedraza), tempted by the tango...and betrayed by a lethal conspiracy.
Austin Powers I - International Man Of Mystery 1417 1997 Action; Adventure; Comedy; Crime <i>If he were any cooler, he'd still be frozen, baby!</i><br /><br /> Frozen in the 60's, secret agent Austin Powers is thawed back into action to once again battle his arch-enemy Dr.Evil. With his sexy sidekick Ms. Kensington, Austin must stop Dr. Evil's outrageous plot to control the world. But first, this time-warped swinger must get hip quick and discover that there's no free love in the 90's.
Avenging Angelo 1387 2002 Action; Comedy; Crime <i>Her life is his job.</i><br /><br /> Action superstar Sylvester Stallone stars as Frankie Delano, a tough-as-nails bodyguard who vows to protect the beautiful Jennifer Barrett (Madeline Stowe), after her father, mafia kingpin Angelo (Anthony Quinn), is gunned down in cold blood. Now, with nowhere to turn, they must run for their lives, while being pursued by a murderous hit man determined to eliminate his target at all costs.
Backdraft 967 1991 Action; Drama; Mystery; Thriller <i>One breath of oxygen and it explodes in a deadly rage.</i><br /><br /> This is an exciting thriller that shows you the mystery, drama and devastation of fire as you've never seen it before! Kurt Russel and William Baldwin star as two feuding siblings carrying on a heroic family tradition as Chicago firefighters. But when a puzzling series of arson attacks are reported, they are forced to set aside their differences to solve the mystery surrounding these explosive crimes.
Bad Boys 6 1995 Action; Comedy; Crime; Thriller <i>Whatcha Gonna Do?</i><br><br> After the biggest bust of their careers, detectives Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett are kings of the hill...until a brilliant thief steals $120 million worth of heroin out from under their noses. With only four days to solve the crime before FBI shuts them down, Mike and Marcus have just one hope, a skittish eyewitness who might lead them to the thieves. But there's a catch: married man Marcus has to pretend to be his bachelor partner in order to win her confidence.
Bad Boys 550 1983 Crime; Drama <i>Life has pushed him into a corner. Now he's coming out fighting.</i><br /><br /> Mick O'Brien (Sean Penn) is a young Chicago street thug torn between a life of petty crime and the love of his girlfriend (Ally Sheedy). But when the heist of a local drug dealer (Esai Morales) goes tragically wrong, Mick is sentenced to a brutal juvenile prison where violence is a rite of passage and respect is measured in vengeance. Can a bad boy on the edge of salvation find the heart to survive a manhood on the verge of murder?<br><br> Clancy Brown, Reni Santoni and Eric Gurry co-star in this gritty drama that sealed Sean Penn's reputation as the greatest young actor of his generation. <I>Bad Boys</I> is now presented complete and uncut, including footage not seen in previous DVD versions.
Bandidas 1116 2006 Action; Comedy; Crime; Western In turn-of-the-century Mexico, two very different women become a bank-robbing duo in an effort to combat a ruthless enforcer terrorizing their town. <a href="/rg/title-tease/trailers/title/tt0416496/trailers">(view trailer)</a>
Basic Instinct 250 1992 Thriller <i>A brutal murder. A brilliant killer. A cop who can't resist the danger.</i><br><br> Michael Douglas stars as Nick Curran, a tough but vulnerable detective. Sharon Stone costars as Catherine Tramell, a cold, calculating, and beautiful novelist with an insatiable sexual appetite. Catherine becomes a prime suspect when her boyfriend is brutally murdered--a crime she had described in her latest novel. But would she be so obvious as to write about a crime she was going to commit? Or is she being set up by a jealous rival? Obsessed with cracking the case, Nick descends into San Francisco's forbidden underground where suspicions mount, bodies fall, and he finds within himself an instinct more basic than survival.
Basic Instinct 2 1152 2006 Crime; Drama; Mystery; Thriller Coming Soon!
Batman 543 1989 Action; Adventure; Fantasy <b>Batman</b> (1989)<br> Two-Disc Special Edition<br> Jack Nicholson is the Joker, who emerged from a horrible accident as a maniacal criminal. Michael Keaton is the Caped Crusader, who emerged from a childhood trauma to become a masked crime fighter. Kim Basinger is Vicki Vale, the talented photojournalist desired by both men. And Batman is the movie, the all-out spectacular directed by Tim Burton, set to songs by Prince and a music score by Danny Elfman, and an Academy Award® winner for Best Art Direction/Set Decoration (Anton Furst and Peter Young).<br><br> <b>Batman Returns</b> (1992)<Br> Two-Disc Special Edition<br> Gotham City faces two monstrous criminal menaces: the bizarre, sinister Penguin (Danny DeVito) and the slinky, mysterious Catwoman (Michelle Pfeiffer). Can Batman (Michael Keaton) battle two formidable foes at once? Especially when one wants to be mayor and the other is romantically attracted to Bruce Wayne? Like the groundbreaking 1989 original, Batman Returns is directed by the wizardly Tim Burton. And like the first blockbuster, it’s a dazzling adventure that leaves you breathless. <br><br> <b>Batman Forever</b> (1995)<Br> Riddle me this, riddle me that, you'll find adventure on the wings of a bat! Brace for excitement as Batman (Val Kilmer), Two-Face (Tommy Lee Jones), the Riddler (Jim Carrey), Dr. Chase Meridian (Nicole Kidman) and Robin (Chris O'Donnell) star in the third formidable film in Warner Bros.' Batman series. Joel Schumacher directs and Tim Burton co-produces this thrill-ride of a movie that thunders along on Batmobile, Batwing, Batboat, Batsub and bold heroics. Hang on!<br><br> <b>Batman & Robin</b> (1997)<br> George Clooney plays the Dark Knight, facing his deadliest threat yet: cold-hearted Mr. Freeze (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and venomous Poison Ivy (Uma Thurman). Batman has more than Gotham City to protect: the youthful eagerness of crimefighting comrades Robin (Chris O'Donnell) and Batgirl (Alicia Silverstone) puts them frequently in harm's way. New very special effects include a wild sky-surfing sequence and Mr. Freeze's outrageous arsenal of ice-blasting weapons.
Batman & Robin 546 1997 Action; Adventure; Fantasy <b>Batman</b> (1989)<br> Two-Disc Special Edition<br> Jack Nicholson is the Joker, who emerged from a horrible accident as a maniacal criminal. Michael Keaton is the Caped Crusader, who emerged from a childhood trauma to become a masked crime fighter. Kim Basinger is Vicki Vale, the talented photojournalist desired by both men. And Batman is the movie, the all-out spectacular directed by Tim Burton, set to songs by Prince and a music score by Danny Elfman, and an Academy Award® winner for Best Art Direction/Set Decoration (Anton Furst and Peter Young).<br><br> <b>Batman Returns</b> (1992)<Br> Two-Disc Special Edition<br> Gotham City faces two monstrous criminal menaces: the bizarre, sinister Penguin (Danny DeVito) and the slinky, mysterious Catwoman (Michelle Pfeiffer). Can Batman (Michael Keaton) battle two formidable foes at once? Especially when one wants to be mayor and the other is romantically attracted to Bruce Wayne? Like the groundbreaking 1989 original, Batman Returns is directed by the wizardly Tim Burton. And like the first blockbuster, it’s a dazzling adventure that leaves you breathless. <br><br> <b>Batman Forever</b> (1995)<Br> Riddle me this, riddle me that, you'll find adventure on the wings of a bat! Brace for excitement as Batman (Val Kilmer), Two-Face (Tommy Lee Jones), the Riddler (Jim Carrey), Dr. Chase Meridian (Nicole Kidman) and Robin (Chris O'Donnell) star in the third formidable film in Warner Bros.' Batman series. Joel Schumacher directs and Tim Burton co-produces this thrill-ride of a movie that thunders along on Batmobile, Batwing, Batboat, Batsub and bold heroics. Hang on!<br><br> <b>Batman & Robin</b> (1997)<br> George Clooney plays the Dark Knight, facing his deadliest threat yet: cold-hearted Mr. Freeze (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and venomous Poison Ivy (Uma Thurman). Batman has more than Gotham City to protect: the youthful eagerness of crimefighting comrades Robin (Chris O'Donnell) and Batgirl (Alicia Silverstone) puts them frequently in harm's way. New very special effects include a wild sky-surfing sequence and Mr. Freeze's outrageous arsenal of ice-blasting weapons.
Batman Forever 545 1995 Action; Adventure; Fantasy <b>Batman</b> (1989)<br> Two-Disc Special Edition<br> Jack Nicholson is the Joker, who emerged from a horrible accident as a maniacal criminal. Michael Keaton is the Caped Crusader, who emerged from a childhood trauma to become a masked crime fighter. Kim Basinger is Vicki Vale, the talented photojournalist desired by both men. And Batman is the movie, the all-out spectacular directed by Tim Burton, set to songs by Prince and a music score by Danny Elfman, and an Academy Award® winner for Best Art Direction/Set Decoration (Anton Furst and Peter Young).<br><br> <b>Batman Returns</b> (1992)<Br> Two-Disc Special Edition<br> Gotham City faces two monstrous criminal menaces: the bizarre, sinister Penguin (Danny DeVito) and the slinky, mysterious Catwoman (Michelle Pfeiffer). Can Batman (Michael Keaton) battle two formidable foes at once? Especially when one wants to be mayor and the other is romantically attracted to Bruce Wayne? Like the groundbreaking 1989 original, Batman Returns is directed by the wizardly Tim Burton. And like the first blockbuster, it’s a dazzling adventure that leaves you breathless. <br><br> <b>Batman Forever</b> (1995)<Br> Riddle me this, riddle me that, you'll find adventure on the wings of a bat! Brace for excitement as Batman (Val Kilmer), Two-Face (Tommy Lee Jones), the Riddler (Jim Carrey), Dr. Chase Meridian (Nicole Kidman) and Robin (Chris O'Donnell) star in the third formidable film in Warner Bros.' Batman series. Joel Schumacher directs and Tim Burton co-produces this thrill-ride of a movie that thunders along on Batmobile, Batwing, Batboat, Batsub and bold heroics. Hang on!<br><br> <b>Batman & Robin</b> (1997)<br> George Clooney plays the Dark Knight, facing his deadliest threat yet: cold-hearted Mr. Freeze (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and venomous Poison Ivy (Uma Thurman). Batman has more than Gotham City to protect: the youthful eagerness of crimefighting comrades Robin (Chris O'Donnell) and Batgirl (Alicia Silverstone) puts them frequently in harm's way. New very special effects include a wild sky-surfing sequence and Mr. Freeze's outrageous arsenal of ice-blasting weapons.
Batman Returns 544 1992 Action; Adventure; Fantasy <b>Batman</b> (1989)<br> Two-Disc Special Edition<br> Jack Nicholson is the Joker, who emerged from a horrible accident as a maniacal criminal. Michael Keaton is the Caped Crusader, who emerged from a childhood trauma to become a masked crime fighter. Kim Basinger is Vicki Vale, the talented photojournalist desired by both men. And Batman is the movie, the all-out spectacular directed by Tim Burton, set to songs by Prince and a music score by Danny Elfman, and an Academy Award® winner for Best Art Direction/Set Decoration (Anton Furst and Peter Young).<br><br> <b>Batman Returns</b> (1992)<Br> Two-Disc Special Edition<br> Gotham City faces two monstrous criminal menaces: the bizarre, sinister Penguin (Danny DeVito) and the slinky, mysterious Catwoman (Michelle Pfeiffer). Can Batman (Michael Keaton) battle two formidable foes at once? Especially when one wants to be mayor and the other is romantically attracted to Bruce Wayne? Like the groundbreaking 1989 original, Batman Returns is directed by the wizardly Tim Burton. And like the first blockbuster, it’s a dazzling adventure that leaves you breathless. <br><br> <b>Batman Forever</b> (1995)<Br> Riddle me this, riddle me that, you'll find adventure on the wings of a bat! Brace for excitement as Batman (Val Kilmer), Two-Face (Tommy Lee Jones), the Riddler (Jim Carrey), Dr. Chase Meridian (Nicole Kidman) and Robin (Chris O'Donnell) star in the third formidable film in Warner Bros.' Batman series. Joel Schumacher directs and Tim Burton co-produces this thrill-ride of a movie that thunders along on Batmobile, Batwing, Batboat, Batsub and bold heroics. Hang on!<br><br> <b>Batman & Robin</b> (1997)<br> George Clooney plays the Dark Knight, facing his deadliest threat yet: cold-hearted Mr. Freeze (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and venomous Poison Ivy (Uma Thurman). Batman has more than Gotham City to protect: the youthful eagerness of crimefighting comrades Robin (Chris O'Donnell) and Batgirl (Alicia Silverstone) puts them frequently in harm's way. New very special effects include a wild sky-surfing sequence and Mr. Freeze's outrageous arsenal of ice-blasting weapons.
Batman Returns 858 1992 Action; Crime; Fantasy; Romance; Thriller <i>The Bat, the Cat, the Penguin</i><br><br> Gotham City faces two monstrous criminal menaces: the bizarre, sinister Penguin (Danny DeVito) and the slinky, mysterious Catwoman (Michelle Pfeiffer). Can Batman (Michael Keaton) battle two formidable foes at once? Especially when one wants to be mayor and the other is romantically attracted to Gotham's hero?
Big Lebowski, The 708 1998 Comedy; Crime; Thriller The Dude. One cool guy. Who one day comes home to find two thugs have broken in and ruined his favorite carpet-the one that made the room "hang together". Thing is, they did it because he's got the same name as one of the richest men in town. Lebowski. But, hey, no problem. He'll get even. At least he'll get someone to pay for the carpet.
The Big White 1139 2005 Comedy; Crime; Drama To remedy his financial problems, a travel agent has his eye on a frozen corpse, which just happens to be sought after by two hitmen. <a href="/rg/title-tease/trailers/title/tt0402850/trailers">(view trailer)</a>
Bird on a Wire 424 1990 Action; Adventure; Comedy; Crime; Romance; Thriller A FBI informant has kept his new identity secret for 15 years, now an old flame has recognised him and the bad guys are back for revenge.
Black Rain 1363 1989 Action; Crime; Drama Academy Award - winner Michael Douglas and Andy Garcia play New York cops whose job to escort a vicious assassin back to his native Japan leads the two Americans into Osaka's exotic underworld and straight into the center of a raging, brutal "Yakuza" gangland battle.
Blade Runner 261 1982 Sci-Fi <i>A chilling, bold, mesmerizing, futuristic detective thriller.</i><br><br> Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) prowls the steel-and-microchip jungle of 21st-century Los Angeles. He's a "blade runner" stalking geneticaly made criminal replicants. His assignment: kill them. Their crime: wanting to be human. The story of <I>Blade Runner</I> is familiar to countless fans. But few have seen it like this. Because <I>this</I> is director Ridley Scott's own version of his sci-fi classic. This new version omits Deckard's voiceover narration, develops in slightly greater detail the romance between Deckard and Rachael (Sean Young) and removes the "uplifting" finale. The result is a heightened emotional impact: a great film made greater. Most intriguing of all is a newly included unicorn vision that suggests Deckard may be a humanoid. <I>Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?</I> Is Deckard a replicant? As with all things in the future, you must discover the answer yourself.
Blazing Saddles 557 1974 Comedy; Crime; Western <i>Never Give A Saga An Even Break!</i><br /><br /> "My name is Jim, but most people call me... Jim." And while <I>Blazing Saddles</I> is deliriously funny, most people call it deliriously funnier, thanks to this special, extras-packed 30th-Anniversary Edition.<br><br> Filmmaker, star and paddle-ball wiz Mel Brooks goes way out West and way out of his mind with a spiffy spoof set in an 1874 Old West where 1974 Hollywood is just one soundstage away - and where nonstop fun blasts prejudices to the high comedy heavens. Cleavon Little, Gene Wilder, Slim Pickens, Harvey Korman, Madeline Kahn and more join for horseplay and horselaughs, making <I>Blazing Saddles</I> the #6 choice among the American Film Institute's Top-100 Comedies. Give these out to the boys in lieu of pay. And enjoy.
Blood In Blood Out 693 1993 Action; Crime; Drama <i>"Epic Storytelling!" -Chicago Tribune</i><br><br> Now, from the director of <I>The Devil's Advocate</I> comes <I>Blood In…Blood Out</I> -- a critically acclaimed modern-day epic. Within the rich and colorful Chicano culture of East Los Angeles, three cousins raised as brothers fiercely live by a generations-old tradition of family -- power stronger than law…a force deeper than friendship. In one life-shattering moment, the trio is torn apart, forcing them to follow three separate paths. One searching for truth in the law. One expressing his passion through art. And one finding power in prison. Yet, through it all, family and honor keep their lives intertwined as each strives for survival and power!
Blow 156 2001 Biography; Crime; Drama Based on a true story, <I>Blow</I> chronicles the high-speed rise and fall of George Jung (Johnny Depp, <I>Sleepy Hollow</I>), who became the largest importer of Colombian cocaine to the United States, forever changing the face of drugs in America. Set in the decadent 70's and 80's, <I>Blow</I> traces George Jung's partnership with Pablo Escobar, one of the most infamous and dangerous drug lords in history. Ray Liotta (<I>Goodfellas</I>), Penelope Cruz (<I>All the Pretty Horses</I>) and Paul Reubens (<I>Mystery Men</I>) also star in this riveting film.
Blue Velvet 666 1986 Crime; Drama; Horror; Mystery; Thriller <i>"Hypnotic And Unsettling!" - Los Angeles Times</i><br /><br /> Spawned from the unique mind of Oscar-nominated director/writer and cinematic guru, David Lynch (<I>Dune, Wild at Heart</I>, "Twin Peaks"), <I>Blue Velvet</I> is "the work of a genius" (Pauline Kael). Kyle MacLachlan, Isabella Rossellini, Dennis Hopper and Laura Dern star in this "disturbing and magical" (<I>Rolling Stone</I>), suspense-filled masterpiece of mystery and madness that's "a startling mixture of the heartfelt and the horrific" (<I>Newsweek</I>).<br><br> Cleancut college boy Jeffrey (MacLachlan) finds his Mayberry-like hometown is not so normal when he discovers a human ear in a field. His investigation catapults him into an alluring, erotic murder mystery involving a disturbed nightclub singer (Rossellini) and a drug-addicted sadist (Hopper). Soon Jeffrey's led deeper into their depraved existence, finding himself obsessed with this dark, enigmatic underworld…to the point of no return.
Boiler Room 65 2000 Crime; Drama Seth Davis (Giovanni Ribisi, <I>Saving Private Ryan</I>) runs a small-time casino operation out of his apartment. With his streetwise business smarts, he's recruited to join the city's newest and hottest stock brokerage firm, an aggressive, renegade corporation far from the traditions of Wall Street. Trained by the company's top young turks, Chris (Vin Diesel, <I>Saving Private Ryan</I>) and Greg (Nicky Katt, <I>A Time To Kill, The Limey</I>), Seth takes quickly to his new job's instant riches and fast-life pleasure. He even gains new favor with his estranged father (Ron Rifkin, <I>L.A. Confidential</I>). When Seth wins the eye and the heart of Greg's ex-girlfriend Abbie (Nia Long, <I>The Best Man</I>) it all seems too good to be true. But he's about to learn the devastating secret behind all this intoxicating success. Just as quickly as he was seduced into the firm, Seth finds himself caught in a trap that could bring himself, his father and his whole world crashing down.<br><br> With riveting performances from its dynamic cast, including Academy Award winner Ben Affleck (<I>Good Will Hunting, Shakespeare In Love</I>), <I>Boiler Room</I> takes you deep inside the relentless, cutthroat inner sanctum of high-risk finance for an unforgettable and unexpected climax.
Bonnie And Clyde 770 1967 Adventure; Crime Adrift in the Depression-era Southwest, Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker embark on a life of crime. They mean no harm. They crave adventure - and each other. Soon we start to love them too. But nothing in film history has prepared us for the cascading violence to follow. Bonnie and Clyde turns brutal. We learn they can be hurt-and dread they can be killed.
Boondock Saints, The 946 1999 Crime; Drama; Thriller <i>Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done</i><br /><br /> It's the one commandment they cannot keep. Tough, stylish and extreme, fans of <I>Reservoir Dogs</I> and <I>Pulp Fiction</I> will thrill to the action, intensity and intelligence of this modern day morality tale written in blood. Starring Willem Dafoe <I>The English Patient</I>, Sean Patrick Flanery <I>Powder</I> and Norman Reedus <I>8MM</I>.<Br><br> When the sadistic Russian mob starts muscling in on their South Boston Irish neighborhood, Connor and Murphy McManus know what must be done. Feeling that the vengeance of God is flowing through their veins, they set out to rid the streets of gangsters, criminals and lowlifes. As the body count rises, the brothers become local heroes. Now, one unorthodox FBI agent must be cunning enough to bring them down.
Bottle Rocket 672 1996 Adventure; Comedy; Crime; Drama; Romance <i>They're not really criminals. But everybody's got to have a dream/</i><br /><br /> An offbeat crime caper that turns convention on its head, Bottle Rocket is "the sort of endearingly oddball project that will be remembered for years to come...for the formidable talent it introduces to the world" (Michael Medved, New York Post).<br><br> Newcomer Owen Wilson, in a star-making performance, co-wrote the screenplay about three best friends who attempt to escape their suburban boredom through a life of crime. But these bickering, bumbling thieves are no match for the e local 'godfather' (James Caan) who leads them into the biggest heist of their careers.
Bound 140 1996 Crime; Thriller <i>In Their World, You Can't Buy Freedom. But You Can Steal It.</i><br><br> A mobster, his mistress and a tough female ex-con are caught in a dangerous plot with over $2 million of the mob's money at stake in this new, ultra-hip film by the Wachowski Brothers. Starring Academy Award nominee Jennifer Tilly (<I>Liar Liar</I>), Gina Gershon (<I>Face/Off</I>) and Joe Pantoliano (<I>The Fugitive</I>).
Bronx Tale, A 577 1993 Crime; Drama <i>One man lives in the neighborhood another man owns it. A devoted father battles the local crime boss for the life of his son.</i><br /><br /> The streets of the Bronx are a tough place for a kid to grow up, you learn fast or lose everything. Lorenzo's son Calogero learns about the virtues of hard, honest work from his father who owns nothing but his integrity; but he learns about easy money and life on the streets from the man who owns them, a mobster called Sonny. Now Calogero must choose between earning respect like his father, or commanding it like Sonny. Always one step away from a broken bottle, a pistol whipping or a shotgun blast, one young man , torn between two worlds just a city block apart, is about to learn that the streets run two ways. For every cent of easy money, there's a tough, and sometimes deadly. Lesson to be learned.
Brubaker 111 1980 Crime; Drama <i>One man against a cruel system.</i><br><br> Robert Redford stars in this potent drama based on the real life story of Tom Murton, the prison superintendent who rocked Arkansas politics when he exposed scandalous abuses and murders in a state prison. Posing as a new prisoner, Brubaker (Redford) discovers vast corruption in a state penitentiary before revealing himself to be the new warden. <BR><BR> His personal crusade to bring reform puts him in grave danger, especially when he insists on exposing a series of secret murders that took place years earlier. Powerful and disturbing, <i>Brubaker</i> won acclaim for its gritty realism and Oscar-nominated screenplay.
The Business 1122 2005 Drama; Thriller Set in the Thatcher era with the cool sounds of the 80's, THE BUSINESS is an action packed gangster flick set in Spain's sun drenched Costa Del crime...
Carlito's Way 297 1993 Action; Crime Sprung from prison on a legal technicality by his cocaine-addled attorney, former drug kingpin Carlito Brigante stuns the local underworld when he vows to go straight. Taking a job managing a glitzy, low-life nightclub, he tracks down his onetime girlfriend and rekindles their romance, promising he's changed for good. But Carlito's dream of going legitimate is undermined at every turn by murderous former cronies and even deadlier young thugs out to make a name for themselves. Ultimately, however, his most dangerous enemy is himself. Despite good intentions, Carlito's misguided loyalties and an outmoded code of "honor" will plunge him into a savage life-or-death battle against the relentless forces that refuse to let him go.
Carlito's Way 888 1993 Crime; Drama; Thriller <i>From the director of Scarface</i><br /><br /> From the director of <i>Scarface</i> come the critically acclaimed crime thriller <i>Carlito's Way</i>. Oscar® winner <b>Al Pacino</b> gives an electrifying performance as former drug kingpin Carlito Brigante, who is sprung from prison by his high-powered attorney (Academy Award® winner <b>Sean Penn</b>). He stuns the New York underworld by vowing to go straight from a history of violence, but his plans are undermined by misguided loyalties and an outmoded code of honor. In a life-or-death battle, Carlito takes on the relentless forces that refuse to let him go. Co-starring <b>John Leguizamo</b> and <b>Luis Guzmán</b>, <i>Carlito's Way</i> is a powerful, action-packed ride all the way to its explosive conclusion.
Casino 326 1995 Crime; Drama <i>No One Stays At The Top Forever.</i><br><br> <b>Robert De Niro</b>, <b>Sharon Stone</b> and <b>Joe Pesci</b> star in director <b>Martin Scorsese</b>'s riveting look at how blind ambition, white-hot passion and 24-karat greed toppled an empire. Las Vegas 1973 is the setting for this fact-based story about the Mob's multi-million dollar casino operation where fortunes and lives were made and lost with the roll of the dice.
Casualties Of War 410 1989 War Hailed by critics as a masterpiece, <I>Casualties of War</I> is based on the true story of a squad of soldiers caught in the moral quagmire of wartime Vietnam. Witness to a vile crime, Private Eriksson (Michael J. Fox, <I>Back to the Future</I>) is forced to stand alone against his fellow soldiers and commanding officer Sergeant Meserve (Sean Penn, <I>Dead Man Walking</I>), a powerful and charismatic man pushed over the edge of barbarism by the terror and brutality of combat. With sweeping scope, action and raw power, master filmmaker Brian De Palma creates a devastating and unforgettable tale of one man's quest for sanity and justice amidst the chaos of war.
Catch Me If You Can 915 2002 Biography; Comedy; Crime; Drama <i>"Supremely entertaining." -Stephen Holden, The New York Times</i><br /><br /> Inspired by the extraordinary true story of a brilliant young master of deception and the FBI agent hot on his trail, <i>Catch Me If You Can</i> stars Oscar nominee Leonardo DiCaprio and two-time Academy Award winner Tom Hanks in one of the year's most acclaimed hits! <BR><BR> From three-time Oscar winning director Steven Spielberg, <i>Catch Me If You Can</i> follows Frank W. Abagnale, Jr. as he successfully passes himself off as a pilot, a lawyer and a doctor-all before his 21st birthday! Joel Siegel of <i>Good Morning America</i> declares, "Movies don't get much more fun than this!" while <i>The Associated Press</i> hails this incredible tale as "the most flat-out-fun movie of the year!"
Cell, The 1485 2000 Crime; Drama; Fantasy; Horror; Sci-Fi; Thriller <i>In Order To Save A Life, She'll Have To Risk Her Own.</i><br /><br /> Jennifer Lopez (<I>Out Of Sight, Selena</I>) takes a terrifying journey into the mind of a killer in this chilling, critically acclaimed psychological thriller.<br><br> When a serial killer, Vincent D'Onofrio, (<I>The Thirteenth Floor, Men In Black</I>) falls into a coma before his last victim can be found, a child therapist (Lopez) must use an experimental treatment to enter his mind and learn his secrets before it is too late. The visually haunting world threatens her very existence when she becomes trapped by the terror inside.<br><br> Now, an FBI agent, Vince Vaughn (<I>Swingers, Jurassic Park: The Lost World</I>) must rescue her from the killer's nightmare mind before he too is lost to the twisted world forever.
Cellular 715 2004 Thriller; Action; Crime <i>If the signal dies, so does she.</i><br><br> What if someone's life was literally on the line and the power to save them was totally in your hands? For Ryan (Chris Evans) the choice begins with a frantic call from Jessica Martin (Academy Award winner Kim Basinger). Having been kidnapped at gunpoint and locked in an undisclosed attic, Jessica pleads with Ryan to get help before her abductors return to kill her. With no way of knowing where she is, and relentless, high-stakes thrill ride through a world of lies and murder in this riveting, adrenaline pumping suspense thriller.
Chaos 1132 2006 Action; Crime; Drama; Thriller Two cops, a rookie (Phillippe) and a grizzled vet (Statham), pursue an accomplished bank robber. <a href="/rg/title-tease/trailers/title/tt0402910/trailers">(view trailer)</a>
Charlie's Angels 1449 2000 Action; Comedy; Adventure Adventure has never been more beautiful than <I>Charlie's Angels</I>! Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu star as the captivating crime-fighting trio who are masters of disguise, espionage and marital arts. When a devious mastermind embroils them in a plot to destroy individual privacy, the Angels are on the spot with their brains, brawn and high-tech toys. Aided by their loyal sidekick Bosley (Bill Murray), the girls are about to bring down the bad guys when a terrible secret is revealed that makes the Angels a target of assassination. Now, it's a matter of life or death as the stunningly smart detectives use their state-of-the-art skills to kick evil's butt in this sexy, high-octane comedy!
Charlie's Angels 1450 2000 Action; Adventure; Comedy; Crime <i>Charlie's Angels 2-Pack!</i><br /><br /> <b>Charlie's Angels (Superbit Deluxe)</b> <Br> The Superbit Collection sets a new benchmark in high resolution DVD picture and sound, creating the ultimate in home entertainment. <BR><BR> Superbit Deluxe. Always pure performance and now pure entertainment. Disc One contains the Superbit version of <i>Charlie's Angels</i>. Disc two features all the Special Features. Now you have it all! <BR><BR> Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu star as the captivating crime-fighting trio who are masters of disguise, espionage and martial arts. When a devious mastermind embroils them in a plot to destroy individual privacy the Angels, aided by their loyal sidekick Bosley (Bill Murray), set out to bring down the bad guys. But when a terrible secret is revealed it makes the Angles targets for assassination. <Br><BR> <b>Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle</b> <bR> Sexy Angels (Cameraon Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu) are back to go head-to-head with Angel-Gone-Bad (Demi Moore)!
Chasing Ghosts 1002 2005 Crime; Drama; Thriller Coming Soon!
Cheech & Chong's The Corsican Brothers 381 1984 Comedy <i>They saw Paris. They saw France. They saw the Queen in her underpants.</i><br><br> Cheech and Chong trade in their bongs for swords as they take on history in this outrageous and "hilarious" (<I>Los Angeles Times</I>) re-telling of Alexandre Dumas' 19th century adventure epic. "Very much in their raucous style" (<I>Variety</I>) and filled "with zany lyricism" (<I>Los Angeles Times</I>). <I>The Corsican Brothers</I> stars Cheech Marin and Thomas Chong (<I>Up In Smoke</I>) as separated twin brothers who join forces during the French Revolution to defeat an evil and sadistic royal advisor!<br><Br> It took them 30 years to reunite - and no time at all to get into trouble. When the Corsican Brothers are caught in the backwoods of France holding a maniacal aristocrat's most prized possession- his pink poodle - they are sentenced to the guillotine for their crime! But using a hard-as-a-rock baguette as a club, the imaginative brothers escape their foe. Now seen as local heroes, they unwittingly become leaders in a resistance to take down their sado-masochistic enemy… and ignite fires of the French Revolution!
Class Of 1984 362 1981 Crime; Drama <i>We are the future! And Nothing Can Stop Us.</i><br><br> Drug Dealing.<br> Gang Beatings.<br> Prostitution.<br><br> They're all part of a typical day for the students of Lincoln High. Into this academic abyss arrives Andy Norris (<i>Slaughterhouse Five</i>'s <i>Perry King</i>), an idealistic and naive music teacher who has moved into the community with his pregnant wife Diane. Appalled by the crime-infested school, Norris soon crosses sabers with its teenage kingpin, the shrewd and sadistic Peter Stegman (<i>The White Shadow</i>'s Timothy Van Patten). With Norris setting his sights on reforming Stegman, and the young miscreant declaring war on his teacher, the duo sets a fateful showdown into motion on the night of an important school orchestra performance.<br><br> Directed and co-written by Mark L. Lester (<i>Commando, Firestarter</i>), <i>Class of 1984</i> is one of the seminal cult movies of the early 1980s. While its vision of a decaying, violence-plagued inner city school seemed over-the-top in 1982, it sadly prophesized the future of American education. Lester's film - which caused a stir at Cannes and reputedly offended one of its own screenwriters - is also notable for its cast, which includes Van Patten, Roddy McDowall and a very young Michael J. Fox. Alice Cooper performs the theme song, "I Am The Future". No longer are the students of Lincoln High the future, for the future as arrived!
Clockwork Orange, A 36 1971 Crime; Sci-Fi; Thriller Young Neo-punk Alex (Malcolm McDowell) and his "old ultraviolence" ways become guinea pigs for a state-sanctioned cure. Stanley Kubrick's jolting tale of crime and punishment was adapted from the novel by Anthony Burgess.
Cobra 628 1986 Crime; Thriller <i>Crime is a desease. Meet the cure.</i><br /><br /> Like Sylvester Stallone's <I>Rocky</I> and <I>Rambo</I>, the hero of Cobra is another original: Lt. Marlon Cobretti, a one-man assault force whose laser-mount submachine gun and pearl handled Colt .45 spit pure crimestopping venom.<BR><br> <I>Rambo: First Blood Part II</I> director rejoins Stallone for this thriller pitting Cobretti against a merciless serial killer. The trail leads to not one murderer but to an army of psychos bent on slashing their way to a "New Order"- and killing the inadvertent witness to their latest blood spree. Fortunately, Cobra is her protector. And full throttle screen excitement doesn't get any better.
Collateral 733 2004 Action; Crime; Drama; Thriller Vincent (Tom Cruise) is a cool, calculating contract killer at the top of his game. max (Jamie Foxx) is a cabbie with big dreams and little to show for it. Now, Max has to transport Vincent on his next job - one night, five stops, five hits and a getaway. And after this fateful night, neither man will ever be the same again. Tonight everything is changing...
Coogan's Bluff 437 1968 Action; Crime; Drama Coogan, an Arizona cop, is sent to New York to collect a prisoner. Everyone in New York assumes Coogan is from Texas...
Cool Hand Luke 282 1967 Comedy; Crime; Drama His crime: nonconformity. His sentence: the chain gang. Paul Newman plays one of his best-loved roles as Cool Hand Luke, the loner who won't--or can't--comform to the arbitrary rules of his captivity.
Corky Romano 456 2001 Comedy; Crime The loser son of a Mafia honcho must go undercover for the FBI.
Count Of Monte Cristo, The 920 2002 Action; Drama; Adventure; Thriller <i>Prepare For Adventure. Count On Revenge.</i><br /><br /> Jim Caviezel (<I>High Crimes</I>) and Guy Pearce (<I>The Time Machine</I>) give sizzling performances in <I>The Count Of Monte Cristo</I> - the greatest tale of betrayal, adventure and revenge the world has never known. When the dashing and guileless Edmond Dantes (Caviezel) is betrayed by his best friend (Pearce) and wrongly imprisoned, he becomes consumed by thoughts of vengeance. After a miraculous escape, he transforms himself into the mysterious and wealthy Count of Monte Cristo, insinuates himself into the French Nobility and puts his cunning plan of revenge into action. This swashbuckling thriller will have you sitting on the edge of your seat until the last ounce of revenge is exacted.
Crimes of Passion 1179 2005 Mystery; Thriller While in competition for a job promotion, the female competitor sues her male counterpart for sexual harassment. Blackmail and murder follow closely behind.
Crimes of the Future 1328 1970 Comedy; Sci-Fi A journalist, intriguingly named Adrian Tripod, investigates the deaths of nearly all adult women on Earth...
Crimewave 5 1985 Comedy; Crime A pair of whacked-out cartoon-like exterminator/hitmen kill the owner of a burglar-alarm company, and stalk the partner who hired them...
Criminal 734 2004 Comedy; Crime; Drama <i>By the time you figure it out... you've been had.</i><br><br> Think of them as working men who work the angles. Rodrigo is the rookie. Richard is the mentor who knows crime like a book. But a new book is about to be written.<bR><bR> John C. Reilly, Diego Luna and Maggie Gyllenhaal navigate the con-or-be-conned world of the L.A. grift in a clever caper directed by Gregory Jacobs and produced by Jacobs, George Clooney and Steven Soderbergh. A $750,000 one-night score awaits Richard and Rodrigo if they can flimflam an antique-currency collector (Peter Mullan) - a ruse soon packed with more twists than a box of pretzels. For suspense, surprise and a wow ending, catch this <i>Criminal!</i>
The Crow 420 1994 Action; Crime; Fantasy; Thriller A man brutally murdered comes back to life as an undead avenger of his and his finacee's murder.
Crow, The Wicked Prayer 825 2005 Action; Adventure; Crime <i>Passion. Revenge. Eternity.</i><br><br> <b>Tara Reid</b> (<i>American Pie, My Boss's Daughter</i>), <b>David Boreanaz</b> (TV's <i>Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel</i>) and <b>Edward Furlong</b> (<i>Terminator 2, American History X</i>) star in the latest chilling chapter of <i>The Crow: Wicked Prayer</i> - an epic tale of death, revenge and redemption. Just as ex-con Jimmy Cuervo (<b>Furlong</b>) tries to straighten out his life, he and his girlfriend Lily are brutally murdered in a satanic ritual by a renegade biker gang. But payback is at hand when Cuervo rises from the dead - with the power of The Crow - to avenge Lily's death and reunite with her in the afterlife! Also starring <b>Dennis Hopper</b> (<i>True Romance</i>), <b>Danny Tejo</b> (<i>From Dusk Till Dawn</i>) and recording star <b>Macy Gray</b>!
The Crow: City of Angels 421 1996 Action; Crime; Fantasy; Thriller This sequel to the 1994 cult classic which ended in the real life death of Brandon Lee has "the Crow" revive a new character...
D.E.B.S. 846 2005 Action; Comedy; Romance <i>Evil Is So Totally Busted</i><br><br> Sultry crime boss Lucy Diamond (Jordana Brewster, <i>The Fast And The Furious</i>) is back in the states and the D.E.B.S. - an elite team of paramilitary college co-ed super spies - are hot on her trail. But when their top agent, gorgeous Amy Bradshaw (Sara Foster, <i>The Big Bounce</i>), mysteriously disappears after coming face to face with the attractive young villainess, the D.E.B.S. begin a full-scale search for Lucy's secret lair, never suspecting that Amy may not want to be rescued after all, in this smart and sexy spy spoof.
Dangerous Minds 330 1997 Crime; Drama <i>She broke the rules…and changed their lives</i><br><br> Top Hollywood star Michelle Pfeiffer is the driving force behind this gripping and uplifting smash hit! Based on an incredible true-life story - Pfeiffer is former U.S. Marine LouAnne Johnson, a first-time high school teacher assigned to a class of tough-but-smart inner city students. When conventional methods fail to reach them, the feisty Ms. Johnson tries the unconventional - defying the rules and creating her own curriculum! In the process, she instills a new self-confidence in her students - motivating them towards their greatest potential.
Daredevil 1431 2003 Action; Crime; Fantasy; Thriller <i>2-Disc Edition!</i><br /><br /> By day, blind attorney Matt Murdock (Ben Affleck) toils for justice in Hell's Kitchen. By night, he's Daredevil, The Man Without Fear - a powerful, masked vigilante stalking the dark streets with an uncanny radar sense that allows him to "see" with superhuman capabilities. But when the love of his life, fiery Elektra Natchios (Jennifer Garner), is targeted by New York City's ruthless kingpin of crime (Michael Clarke Duncan) and his deadly assassin Bullseye (Colin Farrell), Daredevil may be about to meet his match.
Dark Blue 954 2003 Action; Crime; Drama; Thriller <i>"Powerful. Hypnotic. Gripping." --Rex Reed, The New York Observer</i><br /><br /> Adrenaline is high, tempers are hot, and racial tensions are boiling over. Against this explosive backdrop, LAPD detective Eldon Perry tutors his rookie partner in the realities of police intimidation and corruption as they investigate a high-profile homicide case. But as the body count rises-- and the evidence just doesn't add up --Assistant Chief Arthur Holland threatens to end Perry’s brand of "justice" ...if Perry's own demons don't destroy him first.
Dark Half 1303 1991 Horror; Mystery <i>"King And Romero Are Their Twisted Best!" - Rolling Stone</i><br /><br /> Masters of horror Stephen King (The Shinning) and George A. Romero (Night Of The Living Dead) have created a “gripping, creepy, frightening” (L.A. Reader) film that thrills, shocks and works us over” (Los Angeles Times)! Featuring an “intelligent screenplay and first-rate cast” (The New York Times), including Oscar winner Timothy Hutton, The Dark Half will keep you captivated to the chilling end. <br><br> Horror writer Thad Beaumont (Hutton) hopes to distance himself from his murder novels and from George Stark, the name he has used to anonymously author them. To achieve this, he cooks up a murder of his own: a publicity stunt that should lay Stark to rest forever. But when the people around him are found gruesomely slain - and his own fingerprints dot the crime scenes - Beaumont is dumbfounded until he learns that Stark has taken on life of his own…and begun a gruesome quest for vengeance!
Dead Man 644 1995 Adventure; Crime; Drama; Western <i>"Genuinely Outstanding!" -L.A. Weekly</i><br /><br /> Johnny Depp (<I>Sleepy Hollow, The Astronaut's Wife</I>) delivers a remarkable performance in this highly acclaimed tale of adventure and intrigue in the wild, wild West! A young man in search of a fresh start, William Blake (Depp), embarks on an exciting journey to a new town…never realizing the danger that lies ahead. But when a heated love triangle ends in double murder, Blake finds himself a wanted man, running scared -- until a mysterious loner (Gary Farmer) teaches him to face the dangers that follow a "dead man." With an outstanding supporting cast including Gabriel Byrne (<I>End Of Days, Stigmata</I>) and Robert Mitchum (<I>Cape Fear</I>), and a sizzling soundtrack by Neil Young, <I>Dead Man</I> is another motion picture triumph from filmmaker Jim Jarmusch.
Death Wish 599 1974 Action; Crime; Drama In this explosive story of revenge and urban violence, Charles Bronson plays Paul Kersey, a bleeding-heart liberal who has a change of opinion after his wife and daughter are violently attacked by a gang of thugs in their apartment. His daughter is raped, and his wife is raped and murdered. Bronson then turns vigilante as he stalks the mean streets of New York on the prowl for muggers, hoodlums and the like. <I>Death Wish</I> is a violent, controversial film that is frank and original in its treatment of urban crime and the average citizen's helplessness in dealing with it. Herbie Hancock wrote the musical score. And watch for a young Jeff Goldblum in his film debut as one of the thugs.
Death Wish 2 600 1982 Action; Crime; Drama <i>First His Wife. Now His Daughter. It's Time To Even The Score.</i><br /><br /> Paul Kersey is not your ordinary victim: He fights back - with a vengeance! Legendary tough guy Charles Bronson resumes his trademark role as the hard-as-nails urban avenger in this hard-hitting, action packed sequel!<Br><br> With the murder of his wife and the revenge against her killers now behind him, Kersey begins a new life in LA. But tragedy is never far from his door, and when a group of local hoods viciously assault his daughter, they unleash a wrath unlike anything the city has ever seen. Kersey has the face of each of them branded in his memory, and he will not rest until he tracks every one of them down... and puts them all in the ground!
Death Wish 3 601 1985 Action; Crime; Drama <i>He's Judge, Jury and Executioner!</i><br /><br /> Paul Kersey doesn't seek out violence. It just seems to find him. But when it does... he's not about to back down! Charles Bronson brings out the heavy artillery in this gun-blazing, no-holds-barred thriller!<Br><br> Road-worn and battle-weary, Kersey longs to leave his fighting days behind him. But when he arrives in New York to visit an old friend, he finds him brutally attacked and gasping for breath in a pool of blood! Now the silent avenger must wage war once more on the city's punks, thugs and hoodlums. But this time he's brought a small arsenal of guns, knives - and even a bazooka - to help him!
Demolition Man 629 1993 Action; Sci-Fi; Comedy; Crime <i>The 21st century's most dangerous cop; The 21st century's most dangerous criminal</i><br /><br /> In 2032 archcriminal Simon Phoenix (Snipes) awakens from a 35-year deep freeze in CryoPrison to find a serene, nonviolent Los Angeles ready for the taking. Unable to deal with Phoenix's brutal 1990's style, officials seek an old-fashioned cop to fight old-fashioned crime. They revive Sgt. John Spartan (Stallone), unjustly serving a CryoPrison sentence because of his last encounter with Pheonix.
Desperado 31 1995 Action; Crime; Thriller <i>He came back to settle the score.</i><br><br> Antonio Banderas, Joaquim De Almeida, Salma Hayek, Steve Buscemi, Cheech Marin and Quentin Tarantino star in this stylish shoot-'em-up described as a south-of-the-border <i>Pulp Fiction</i>. <BR><BR> Director Robert Rodriguez follows up his legendary debut film, <i>El Mariachi</i>, with this sexy sequel about a mysterious guitar player (Banderas) search for vengeance against the men who murdered his girlfriend.
Devil's Own, The 332 1997 Crime; Drama <i>One man trapped by destiny, and another bound by duty.</i><br><br> Harrison Ford and Brad Pitt star in this harrowing thriller about an IRA gunman who draws an American family into the crossfire of terrorism.
Dick Tracy 1456 1990 Crime <i>"Two thumbs up! The picture is extraordinary!" -Siskel & Ebert</i><br /><br /> Legendary police detective Dick Tracy is the only man tough enough to take on gangster boss Big Boy Caprice and his band of menacing mobsters. Dedicated to his work but at the same time devoted to his loyal girlfriend, Tess Trueheart, Tracy find himself torn between love and duty. His relentless crusade against crime becomes even more difficult when he gets saddled with an engaging orphan and meets seductive and sultry Breathless Mahoney, a torch singer determined to get the best of Tracy. A faceless character, the Blank, threatens both Tracy and Big Boy, and it takes all of Tracy's skills to save the city.
Dirty 1161 2005 Crime; Drama <i>Violence is a Language Gangs Understand</i><br /><br /> Get ready for a raw, hard-edged, story of a gang member-turned-cop who is forced to choose between his conscience and his loyalty. Recruited into an undercover, anti-gang unit of the LAPD, Armando Sancho (Clifton Collins, Jr.) brings his street smarts onto the force that he has sworn to protect. With his partner Salim Adel (Academy Award® winner Cuba Gooding, Jr. 1996, Best Supporting Actor, <i>Jerry Maguire</i>), the two patrol LA's streets the only way they know how - with force. But there is nothing more dangerous than a gangster with a badge and when the two come under fire, only one will come out alive.
Dirty Harry 611 1971 Action; Crime; Mystery <i>Detective Harry Callahan. He doesn't break murder cases. He smashes them.</i><br /><br /> Harry Callahan is a tough, streetwise San Francisco cop whom they call Dirty Harry. In this action classic, you'll see why-and also why Clint Eastwood's reputation as a premier film star and moviemaker is secure.<br><br> A rooftop sniper (Andy Robinson) calling himself Scorpio has killed twice and holds the city ransom with the threat of killing again. Harry will nail him one way or the other-no matter what the "system" prescribes.<br><br> Filming on location, director Don Siegel made the City by the Bay a vital part of <I>Dirty Harry</I>, a practice continued in its four sequels. The original remains one of the most gripping police thrillers ever made.
DMX 1500 2004 The story of Dark Man X began in the scruffy Projects of Yorkers New York. It's a classic rags to riches tale that has seen DMX aka Earl Simmons go from a life of crime and violence to one of wealth and fame.<BR><BR> In this Rockumentary, you will come to know DMX like you never have before. From a false start with a failed first album to the mega smash and record breaking single "Party Up in Here". It's an all access pass into the life of one of Rap's most consistent hit makers.
Dog Day Afternoon 85 1975 Crime; Drama <i>The robbery shold have taken 10 minutes. 4 hours later, the bank was like a circus sideshow. 8 hours later, it was the hottest thing on live TV. 12 hours later, it was all history. And it's all true.</i><br><br> On a hot Brooklyn afternoon, two optimistic losers set out to rob a bank. Sonny (Al Pacino) is the mastermind, Sal (John Cazale) is the follower, and disaster is the result. Because the cops, crowds, TV cameras and even the pizza man have arrived. The "well-planned" heist is now a circus.
Donnie Brasco 298 1997 Crime; Drama <i>In 1978, the US government waged a war against organized crime. One man was left behind the lines.</i><br><br> Posing as jewel broker Donnie Brasco, FBI agent Joe Pistone (Depp) is granted entrance into the violent mob family of aging hitman Lefty Ruggiero (Pacino). When his personal and professional live collide, Pistone jeopardizes his marriage, his job, his life and ultimately the gangster mentor he has come to respect and admire.
Drugstore Cowboy 809 1989 Crime; Drama This movie's so real, its scary. This gripping film about a family of drug thieves is based on a novel by convicted drug robber, a man who knows his subject well.<br> Addicted husband and wife team, Bob and Diane Hughes (Matt Dillon and Kelly Lynch), and a younger couple of thieves resort to robbing drugstores to stay high. Still, in spite of this tragic lifestyle, they share moments of compassion and humor.<br> The foursome skillfully skirt the law due to Bob's wits and superstitious nature until the day his luck begins to change. When his death appears inevitable, Bob realizes he must give up drugs and Diane to Survive.
Edison Force 1240 2005 Crime; Drama; Thriller <i>No One Is Above The Law...</i><br /><br /> Academy Award® winners Morgan Freeman (Best Supporting Actor, <i>Million Dollar Baby</i>, 2004) and Kevin Spacey (Best Actor, <i>American Beauty</i>, 1999) lead an all-star cast in <i>Edison Force</i>, a story of a corrupt city where the cops are above the law and the truth can get you killed. When rookie reporter Josh Pollack (Justin Timberlake) overhears a puzzling exchange between an accused murderer and arresting officer Raf Deed (LL Cool J), he begins to conduct his own investigation. What he finds is a lawless corps of police officers who confiscate dirty money and split it between the most powerful men in the city. And now only Deed, a conscience-stricken cop torn between honor and duty, can put an end to the corruption that infests the city of Edison.
Elektra 722 2004 Action; Adventure; Crime; Fantasy; Thriller <i>She's all that stands between good and evil.</i><br><br> Superstar <b>Jennifer Garner</b> proves that looks <i>can</i> kill as the sexiest action hero ever to burst from the pages of Marvel Comics. Restored to life after sustaining mortal wounds in <i>Daredevil</i>, Elektra (<b>Garner</b>) now lives only for death as the world's most lethal assassin. But her latest assignment will force her to make a fateful decision in the ultimate battle between good and evil!
Empire 955 2002 Crime; Drama; Thriller <i>Two worlds collide</i><br /><br /> This powerful, gripping action-thriller features John Leguizamo in a riveting performance the <i>Los Angeles Times</i> hails as "superb". "One of the best performances of the year!" <br><br> The gritty streets of the South Bronx meet the white-collar world of Wall Street in <i>Empire</i>, a hard-hitting story about the pursuit of fast money and the high price of greed. Featuring Denise Richards, Isabella Rossellini and rap superstars Fat Joe and Treach. <i>Empire</i> is a high-intensity, urban thrill-ride!
Equilibrium 1410 2002 Action; Sci-Fi; Thriller <i>In a future where freedom is outlawed, outlaws will become heroes.</i><br /><br /> Delivering awesome high-tech action in the power-packed style of <i>The Matrix</i> and <i>Minority Report</i>, <i>Equilibrium</i> stars Christian Bale (<i>Reign of Fire</i>) and Taye Diggs (<i>Chicago</i>) in a thrilling look at a future where the only crime is being human! In an attempt to end wars and maintain peace, mankind has outlawed the things that trigger emotion-literature, music and art. To uphold the law, a special breed of police is assigned to eliminate all transgressors. But when the top enforcer (Bale) misses a dose of an emotional-blocking drug, he begins to realize that things are not as they seem! Also starring Sean Bean (<i>The Lord of the Rings</i>) and Emily Watson (<i>Red Dragon</i>).
Escape From Alcatraz 86 1979 Crime; Drama Superstar Clint Eastwood and director Don Siegel re-team for their fifth film in this fascinating account of the only three men ever to escape from the infamous maximum security prison at Alcatraz. In 29 Years, the seemingly impenetrable federal penitentiary, which housed Al Capone and "Birdman" Robert Stroud, was only broken once - by three men never heard of again.<br> Eastwood portrays Frank Morris, the cunning bank robber who masterminded the elaborately detailed and, as far as anyone knows, ultimately successful, escape. Patrick McGoohan is superb counterpoint as the suspicious warden. Filmed on location in Alcatraz, this gritty and realistic reenactment of the true story has all the power one expects of an Eastwood/Siegel movie.
Escape From New York 225 1981 Action; Sci-Fi <i>"Dark and dangerous!" -Newsweek</i><br><br> Kurt Russell (<I>Stargate</I>) stars in a high-velocity sci-fi action-thriller from director John Carpenter (co-written by Nick Castle) that sets the screen ablaze with heart-stopping suspense, outrageous stunts and imaginative special effects. Bristling with riveting chases and hard-hitting fight sequences, <I>Escape From New York</I> is your passport to nonstop excitement!<br><br> In a world ravaged by crime, the entire island of Manhattan has been converted into a prison which houses the world's most brutal inmates. And when the President of the United States (Donald Pleasence) crash lands inside, only one man can bring him back: Snake Plissken (Russell), a notorious outlaw and former Special Forces war hero who, in exchange for a full pardon, descends into the decayed city and wages a blistering war against the captors. But time is short: in 24 hours, an explosive charge planted inside Snake's body will end the mission -- and his life -- unless he succeeds!
Falling Down 641 1992 Comedy; Crime; Drama; Thriller <i>The adventure of an ordinary man at war with the everyday world.</i><br /><br /> Freeways are clogged. Terror stalks our cities. At shops and restaurants, the customer is seldom right. The pressure of big-city life can anger anyone. But Bill Foster is more than angry. He’s out to get even. <br><br> ”I’m going home,” Foster says as he abandons his gridlocked car on the hottest day of the year. Instead, he walks straight into an urban nightmare by turns absurdly funny and shatteringly violent. Academy Award winner Michael Douglas is Foster, an ordinary guy at war with the frustrations of daily living. Fellow Oscar winner Robert Duvall is the savvy cop obsessed with stopping Foster’s citywide rampage. Falling Down is their story, a spellbinding, unconventional thriller that asks: “Are we falling apart?”
Fast And The Furious, The 28 2001 Action; Crime; Thriller <i>"Fires on all cylinders!" -Los Angeles Times</i><br><br> They've got the adrenaline rush and the mean machines, but most of all, they've got the extreme need for speed.<br><Br> On the turbo-charged streets of Los Angeles, every night is a championship race. With nitro-boosted fury, Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel), rules the road turning all his challengers into dust. He and his rival, Johnny Tran (Rick Yune) are the boldest, the baddest and the best. But now, there's new rage on the road. They know he's tough, they know he's fast, but what they don't know is that he's a speed demon detective (Paul Walker) with enough drive and determination to come out the winner.<br><br> With intense full-throttle action, awesome high-speed stunts, and full-on pedal to the metal intensity, this fast and furious assault puts you in the driver's seat and dares you to exceed all limits.
Fast And The Furious, The 1487 2006 Action; Crime; Thriller Coming Soon!
Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas 15 1998 Adventure; Comedy; Crime; Drama <i>A Double-Disc Set...</i><br><br> "We were somewhere around Barstow when the drugs began to take hold."<Br><Br> It is 1971, and journalist Raoul Duke barrels towards Las Vegas to cover a motorcycle race, accompanied by a trunkful of contraband and his slightly unhinged Samoan attorney, Dr. Gonzo. But what is ostensibly a cut-and-dry journalistic endeavor quickly descends into a feverish psychedelic odyssey and an excoriating dissection of the American way of life. Director Terry Gilliam and an all star cast (headlined by Johnny Depp and Benicio Del Torro) show no mercy, bringing Dr. Hunter S. Thompson's legendary <I>Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas</I> to the screen, creating a film both hilarious and savage.
FearDotCom 1343 2001 Horror; Thriller; Crime <i>Want to see a really killer website?</i><br /><br /> Surfed any amazing websites lately? Once you log on there's no turning back in <I>Feardotcom</I>, a steadily amped up shocker directed by William Malone (1999's <I>House on a Haunted Hill</I>).<br><br> A mad genius (Stephen Rea of <I>Interview with a Vampire</I>) has created a live-cam site that determines a person's deepest fears and then brings that fear to brutal life 48 hours later... unless someone finds a way to cut off the site at its source. An investigating detective (<I>Blade</I>'s Stephen Dorff) and a city health inspector (<I>Ronin</I>'s Natascha McElhone</I>) know the danger of logging on to the site, but they're determined to solve the mystery. They think they can endure the terror that awaits. But that's where they might be dead wrong.
Femme Fatale 1337 2002 Thriller; Crime; Fantasy <i>From Brian De Palma master of the Erotic Thriller</i><br /><br /> A $10-million diamond ripoff, a stolen identity, a new life married to a diplomat. Laure Ash has risked big, won big. But then a tabloid shutterbug snaps her picture in Paris. Suddenly, enemies from Laure's secret past know who and where she is. And they all want their share of the diamond heist. Or her life. Or both. <bR><Br> Brian De Palma shows again why he's an erotic thriller master with this edgy mind-blower that's both a gripping stunner and a twisty display of virtuoso filmmaking. Rebecca Romijn-Stamos plays Laure, a self-admitted "bad girl"...and about to get worse as she ensnares the photog (Antonio Banderas) in her web of self-preservation. An irresistible mix of style and story, <i>Femme Fatale</i> will utterly seduce you.
Fight Club 80 1999 Crime; Drama <i>Mischief, Mayhem, Soap</i><br><br> A ticking time bomb insomniac and a slippery soap salesman channel primal male aggression into a shocking new form of therapy. Their concept catches on, with underground "fight clubs" forming in every town- until a sensuous and mysterious woman comes between the two men and ignites an out-of-control spiral toward oblivion.
Final Destination 81 2000 Horror; Thriller <i>Death Doesn't Take No For An Answer.</i><br><br> His entire high-school class is going to Paris, but Alex Browning (Devon Sawa, <I>Idle Hands</I>) can't seem to shake his fear of flying. Once aboard the plane, he has a violently disruptive premonition which gets him and five of his classmates including Clear Rivers (Ali Larter, <I>Varsity Blues, House On Haunted Hill</I>) and Carter Horton (Kerr Smith, TV's "Dawson's Creek") kicked off the plane. As the students watch the plane depart, they witness the horrifying disaster that proves the deadly premonition true. Now having dodged death once, the terror begins in full as fate hunts them down one-by-one. Soon the five survivors will discover you can't cheat death in this bone-chillingly-suspenseful film that critics call "A first class edge of your seat thriller!" -Paul Wunder, WBAI
Find Me Guilty 1261 2006 Comedy; Crime; Drama <i>"Gripping, Surprising, Funny and Outrageous!" -- Pete Hammond, Maxim</i><br /><br /> From five-time Oscar®-nominee Sidney Lumet (<i>Serpico</i>, <i>Network</i>, <i>Dog Day Afternoon</i>) comes the most hysterically funny testament to bad courtroom behavior since <i>My Cousin Vinny</i>! Vin Diesel (<i>Saving Private Ryan</i>) "gives a sensational performance" (<i>The New York Times</i>) in the true story of the most remarkable criminal trial in US history. <i>Find Me Guilty</i> proves beyond a reasonable doubt that justice has a strange sense of humor! <bR><BR> When police arrest twenty members of the Lucchese crime family, the authorities offer Jackie Dee DiNorscio (Diesel) a bargain: a shortened prison term if he'll testify against his own. But the wisecracking DiNorscio has other ideas. Refusing to cooperate, he decides to defend himself at his own trial-and proceeds to turn the courtroom upside-down in a hilarious fight that culminates in one of the most shocking verdicts in judicial history!
Firewall 1153 2006 Action; Thriller It's an ordinary day at Landrock Pacific Bank - ordinary for everyone but I.T. expert Jack Stanfield. His wife and children are held hostage at home. Their kidnappers have one demand: Jack must heist $100 million from the ultra-secure system he designed. And they'll be watching every move he makes.<br><br> Showing the Everyman vulnerability, strength and resourcefulness that make him one of film's most appealing heroes, Harrison Ford portrays Stanfield in this cyber-edged race against time. Paul Bettany (<I>The Da Vinci Code</i>) co-stars as an ice-blooded crime mastermind. And Virginia Madsen (<I>Sideways</i>) plays Stanfield's wife, who disregards her own terror to protect her children. The criminals' plan is airtight. They figure the can't lose. But they overlook one thing: the desperation of a man with everything to lose.
Four Brothers 1006 2005 Crime; Drama <i>They came home to bury mom...and her killer.</i><br><br> Mark Wahlberg, Tyrese Gibson, André Benjamin and Garrett Hedlund co-star in this gripping tale of brotherly love, betrayal, and revenge form acclaimed filmmaker John Singleton.<Br><Br> After their adoptive mother is gunned down during a grocery store holdup, the estranged brothers reunite to seek revenge and take matters into their own hands. Defying police orders, the four begin turning their old Detroit neighborhood upside down searching for the mastermind behind the brutal killing. Along the way, they discover they are bound by ties thicker than blood in this emotionally powerful, action-packed drama.
Freedomland 1171 2006 Crime; Drama; Mystery; Thriller <i>His Streets. His Rules.</i><br /><br /> Based on the best-selling novel by Richard Price, this explosive thriller stars Academy Award® nominees Samuel L. Jackson (1994, Best Supporting Actor, <i>Pulp Fiction</i>) and Julianne Moore (2002, Best Actress, <i>Far From Heaven</i>) and Golden Globe® winner Edie Falco (<i>The Sopranos</i>).<BR><BR> When Brenda Martin (Moore) claims her car was stolen with her son in the backseat, the chilling accusation sparks an intense investigation led by Detective Lorenzo Council (Jackson). The frenzy to find her son escalates into an explosive nightmare of suspicion and accusation, and the search for the truth leads to riveting action, disturbing revelations, and a shocking ending.
Freeway 1370 1996 Comedy; Crime; Drama; Thriller <i>Her life is no fairytale.</i><br /><br /> Little Red Riding Hood for the 1990's After her mom and step-dad are arrested, 15-year-old Vanessa Lutz decides that instead of once again being put into a foster home, she'd rather go and search for the grandmother she's never met, and live with her. "On the way to grandma's house," (actually a trailer park) Vanessa's car breaks down, and she's picked up from the side of the road by Bob Wolverton, a counselor at a school for troubled boys. Bob slowly earns Vanessa's trust, and eventually convinces her to talk about her sexual abuse at the hands of her stepfather. When Vanessa realizes that Bob is enjoying what she's saying, she realizes that he's "The I-5 Killer," from the news. She tries to get out of his truck, but the inside door handle has been removed...
French Connection, The 334 1971 Action; Crime; Drama <i>"Sheer Entertainment - Fast, Fascinating, Gripping And Gritty." -New York Magazine</i><br><br> New York City detectives "Popeye" Doyle (<b>Gene Hackman</b>) and Buddy Russo (<b>Roy Scheider</b>) hope to break a narcotics smuggling ring and ultimately uncover <I>The French Connection</I>. But when one of the criminals tries to kill Doyle, he begins a deadly pursuit that takes him far outside the city limits. Based on a true story, this action-filled thriller, with its renowned chase scene, won five Academy Award® in 1971, including Best Picture, Best Director (<b>William Friedkin</b>) and Best Actor for Hackman.
Frequency 3 2000 Drama; Sci-Fi; Thriller <i>A son's only hope to stop a murder is the father who's been dead for 30 years.</i><br><br> What if you could reach back into time and change the one event that forever altered your life? Would you do it? And what would it be?<br><br> All his life, police officer John Sullivan (Jim Caviezel) has been haunted by one tragic event. When a once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon of nature opens a mysterious channel to the past, John is stunned to discover that he is able to communicate with his dad Frank (Dennis Quaid) …who's been dead for 30 years. But by changing the past, they set in motion a string of brutal, unsolved murders, with John's mother -- and Frank's wife -- the next victim. Racing against time, the son and father must now find a way to stop the crime that could destroy the future for both of them.<br><br> Directed by Gregory Hoblit (<I>Primal Fear</I>), this mind-bending, edge-of-your-seat thriller will keep your adrenaline pumping long after its final, astonishing climax.
From Dusk Till Dawn 1451 1996 Action; Comedy; Fantasy; Horror; Thriller It's nonstop thrills when <b>George Clooney</b> (<i>The Perfect Storm, Three Kings</i>) and <b>Quentin Tarantino</b> (<i>Pulp Fiction</i>) star as the Gecko brothers - two dangerous outlaws on a wild crime spree! After kidnapping a father (<b>Harvey Keitel</b>, <i>U-571</i>) and his two kids (including <b>Juliette Lewis</b>, <i>Natural Born Killers</i>), the Geckos head south to a seedy Mexican bar to hide out in safety. But when they face the bar's truly notorious clientele, they're forced to team up with their hostages in order to make it out alive!
From Hell 1347 2001 Crime; Horror; Mystery; Thriller <i>"Brilliant. Two Thumbs Up!" -Ebert & Roper and the Movies</i><br /><br /> While Jack the Ripper ruled the streets of London, terror reigned. His crimes were unspeakable. His blood lust, unquenchable. His identity, unknown... until now! Johnny Depp and Heather Graham are riveting in this "engrossing, stylish thriller" (People Magazine). Directed by the Hughes Brothers (Dead Presidents, Menace II Society), From Hell "grips tighter than a chokehold and cuts as deep as a knife." (<i>The Washington Post</i>)
From Hell (Director's Limited Edition) 1483 2001 Crime; Horror; Mystery; Thriller <i>"Brilliant. Two Thumbs Up!" -Ebert & Roper and the Movies</i><br /><br /> While Jack the Ripper ruled the streets of London, terror reigned. His crimes were unspeakable. His blood lust, unquenchable. His identity, unknown... until now! Johnny Depp and Heather Graham are riveting in this "engrossing, stylish thriller" (People Magazine). Directed by the Hughes Brothers (Dead Presidents, Menace II Society), From Hell "grips tighter than a chokehold and cuts as deep as a knife." (<i>The Washington Post</i>)
Fugitive, The 333 1993 Action; Thriller <i>A murdered wife. A one-armed man. An obsessed detective. The chase begins.</i><br><br> Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones race through this breathless manhunt movie inspired by one classic TV series and which in turn inspired yet another. Ford is prison escapee Dr. Richard Kimble, a Chicago surgeon falsely convicted of killing his wife and determined to prove his innocence by leading his pursuers to the one-armed man who committed the crime. Jones (the 1993 Academy Award®, Golden Globe and Los Angeles Film Critics Award winner as Best Supporting Actor) is Sam Gerard, an unrelenting bloodhound of a U.S. Marshal. They are hunted and hunter. And as directed by Andrew Davis (<I>Under Siege</I>), their nonstop chase has one exhilarating speed: all-out.
Fun with Dick and Jane 1143 2005 Comedy; Crime An update of the 1977 comedy, Dick and Jane are living the good life. That is until Dick (Jim Carrey) loses his job shortly after getting a promotion that convinced his wife Jane (Téa Leoni) to quit her job. The money is gone, and the house ends up in foreclosure. Dick decides to turn to a hilarious life of crime to pay the bills with his lovely wife by his side. Then together they decide it's time to steal back what Former CEO Jack McCallister (Alec Baldwin) had stolen from them. <a href="/rg/title-tease/trailers/title/tt0369441/trailers">(view trailer)</a>
Gangs Of New York 903 2002 Crime; Drama; History <i>America Was Born In The Streets</i><br /><br /> This motion picture event from acclaimed director Martin Scorsese earned 10 Academy Award nominations including Best Picture, Best Director and Best Actor, along with 5 Golden Globe Award nominations for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress and Best Song! Leonardo DiCaprio (<i>Titanic</i>), Cameron Diaz (<i>Charlie's Angels</i>) and Daniel Day-Lewis (<i>The Boxer</i>) star in this epic tale of vengeance and survival! As waves of immigrants swell the population of New York, lawlessness and corruption thrive in lower Manhattan's Five Points section. After years of incarceration, young Irish immigrant Amsterdam Vallon (DiCaprio) returns seeking revenge against the rival gang leader (Day-Lewis) who killed his father. But Amsterdam's personal vendetta becomes part of the gang warfare that erupts as he and his fellow Irishmen fight to carve a place for themselves in their newly adopted homeland!
Ghost Dog 480 1999 Action; Crime; Drama <i>Live By The Code. Die By The Code.</i><br /><br /> East meets West in this hip-hop infused samurai-gangster pic in which Forest Whitaker plays a professional killer who goes by the name of Ghost Dog and who lives by the age-old code of the Samurai.<br><br> When Ghost Dog's code is dangerously betrayed by the dysfunctional mafia family that occasionally employs him, he must find a way to defend himself without breaking the code of the Samurai.
Gone In 60 Seconds 24 2000 Action; Crime; Thriller <i>Unrated, New Extended Version</i><br><br> Fasten your seatbelts for the extended ride of your life in this high-performance, fuel-injected <i>Gone in 60 Seconds</i> Directors Cut from producer <b>Jerry Bruckheimer</b> (<i>National Treasure, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, Pearl Harbor</i>). Never-before-seen footage adds fuel to this already high-octane action hit, starring <b>Nicolas Cage</b>, <b>Robert Duvall</b>, and sexy <b>Angelina Jolie</b>. A legendary car booster (<b>Cage</b>) thought he'd left the fast lane behind him until he's forced out of retirement to save his kid brother from the wrath of an evil mobster. It's nothing less than a full-throttle race to pull off the ultimate car heist: 50 exotic beauties in 24 hours - and the cops are already on to them!
GoodFellas 299 1990 Crime; Drama <i>Three Decades of Life in the Mafia.</i><br><br> Henry Hill is a small time gangster, who takes part in a robbery with Jimmy Conway and Tommy De Vito, two other gangsters who have set their sights a bit higher. His two partners kill off everyone else involved in the robbery, and slowly start to climb up through the hierarchy of the Mob. Henry, however, is badly affected by his partners success, but will he stoop low enough to bring about the downfall of Jimmy and Tommy ?
Hackers 53 1995 Crime; Thriller <i>You thought your secrets were safe. You were wrong.</i><br><br> While practicing the tricks of the trade, a neophyte "hacker" accomplishes the nearly impossible: he hacks the highly secured computer at the Ellingson Mineral Corporation. But in doing so, he unknowingly taps into a high-tech embezzling scheme masked by a computer virus with the potential to destroy the world's ecosystem! And when the young hacker and his pals are targeted for the crime, the group must launch a massive cyberspace attack--one that will hopefully clear their names and prevent ecological disaster.
Half Past Dead 1375 2002 Action; Crime; Thriller <i>Fully armed. Totally outnumbered. Completely unexpected.</i><br /><br /> Welcome to Alcatraz. "The Rock" has just reopened for business, but the first criminal slated for the electric chair is also sitting on a secret worth $200 million. And an invading group of commandos (led by Morris Chestnut) isn't going to let his fortune go up in smoke. Already undercover in Alcatraz, FBI agent Petrosecitch (Steven Seagal) has to neutralize the situation and rescue a Supreme Court Justice held hostage. Worse, he has to convince his convict "partner" (Ja Rule) and the other inmates to fight on the right side of the law.
The Hard Easy 1282 2005 Crime; Drama Two unrelated men attempt a jewelry store heist on the same day.
Hard To Kill 604 1990 Action; Drama; Crime; Thriller <i>He's LA Detective Mason Storm. Three hired assassins left him for dead. And he's waited seven years to even the score.</i><br /><br /> A corrupt politician and his hitmen have gunned down Los Angelos detective Mason Storm and left him for dead. But they'll find out the hard way. Storm is Hard To Kill.
Harley Davidson And The Marlboro Man 645 1991 Action; Crime; Drama; Thriller; Sci-Fi <i>"Lots Of Action! Lots Of Bullets!" -Boxoffice</i><br /><br /> "Hotly stages bike chases" (<I>Variety</I>), state-of-the-art weaponry and "excellent explosions" (<I>Hollywood Drama-Logue</I>) form a deadly combination in this "lively"' (<I>Los Angeles Times</I>) action film about a couple of modern-day, motorcycle-ridin' Robin Hoods. Starring Mickey Rourke (<I>Get Carter</I>), Don Johnson (<I>Tin Cup</I>) and Vanessa L. Williams (<I>Shaft</I>), <I>Harley Davidson and The Marlboro Man</I> contains thrills and excitement that never let up -- with surprise twists at every turn!<br><br> In the lawless world of the future, drifters Harley Davidson (Rourke) and The Marlboro Man (Johnson) help an old friend save his bar by robbing the very bank trying to take over his property. But this is no ordinary bank and the armored car they roll is filled not with money -- but drugs! Now Harley and Marlboro become the objects of a ruthless manhunt by the corrupt bank chief's deadly and unstoppable henchmen.
Heat 1426 1995 Action When <b>Al Pacino</b> and <b>Robert De Niro</b> square off, <i>Heat</i> sizzles. Written and directed by <b>Michael Mann</b>, <i>Heat</i> includes dazzling set pieces and a bank heist that <i>USA Today</i>'s <b>Mike Clark</b> calls "the greatest action scene of recent times." It also offers "the most impressive collection of actors in one movie this year" (<i>Newsweek</i>). <b>Val Kilmer</b>, <b>Jon Voight</b>, <b>Tom Sizemore</b> and <b>Ashley Judd</b> are among the memorable supporting players in this tale of a brilliant L.A. cop (<b>Pacino</b>) following the trail from a deadly armed robbery to a crew headed by an equally brilliant master thief (<b>De Niro</b>).
Heathers 660 1988 Comedy; Crime; Drama; Romance <i>Only 15,000 Produced</i><br /><br /> Welcome to Westerburg High, where Veronica Sawyer (Winona Ryder) is beginning to tire of her membership in the powerful yet cruel clique of 'Heathers'. When Veronica falls for the mysterious new kid Jason Dean (Christian Slater), their dislike for the Heathers quickly escalates into a savage cycle of murder, suicide and Slushies. Now that her teenage angst has a body count, are Veronica and JD headed for the prom…or hell?<br><br> Shannen Doherty co-stars in one of the greatest black comedies of all time, newly remastered and better than ever! What's your damage? This is <I>Heathers</I> like you've never seen or heard it before!
Heist 1364 2001 Action; Crime; Drama; Thriller <i>"Heist strikes gold." - Jay Carr, The Boston Globe</i><br /><br /> Getting the goods? Easy. Getting away after the robbery? Veteran thief Joe Moore knows that's always the hard part. But he soon discovers that getting away from a life of crime is the hardest escape of all.<br><br> <b>Gene Hackman</b> plays cool-fire Joe, <b>Delroy Lindo</b> portrays his longtime sidekick and <b>Danny DeVito</b> plays the manipulative fence who saddles Joe with one last, difficult job in this ensemble-driven caper centered on an elaborate, split-second snatching of gold ingots by Joe and his crew. Writer/director <b>David Mamet</b> prowls the unsentimental avenues of film noir in a story rife with double-cross, triple-cross and trademark Mamet dialogue. For edgy, synapse-searing entertainment, go where the money is: <I>Heist</I>.
History Of Violence, A (DVDRip Better Quality) 1201 2005 Crime; Drama; Thriller In this thrill-packed actioner, a small-town diner owner, Tom Stall (Viggo Mortensen, <i>The Lord of The Rings</i>) finds himself a local hero after he successful takes down two thugs during an attempted robbery. But his sudden celebrity draws unwanted attention from the outside world, including mobsters Carl Fogarty (Academy Award® nominee Ed Harris, <i>A Beautiful Mind</i>) and Richie Cusack (Academy Award® winner William Hurt, <i>Kiss of the Spider Woman</i>), who insist that Tom is intricately tied to their past. Fogarty begins stalking Tom's wife (Maria Bello, <i>The Cooler</i>) and children, resulting in a bloody standoff in which Tom must protect his family from what is either a case of mistaken identity or a violent past that's finally caught up with him.
Hostage 754 2005 Crime; Drama; Thriller <i>Every Second Counts.</i><br><br> Action superstar <b>Bruce Willis</b> (<i>Sin City, Die Hard, Unbreakable, The Sixth Sense, Armageddon, Pulp Fiction</i>) powers a nail-biting thriller that crackles with action and suspense! When Jeff Talley (<b>Willis</b>) became Chief of Police in a sleepy town, he thought he'd left behind the traumas of his career as a big city hostage negotiator. But when a random crime escalates into a deadly stand-off, Talley find himself thrust into a situation far more volatile and terrifying than anything he could ever imagine! Also starring <b>Kevin Pollak</b> (<i>The Usual Suspects, The Whole Nine Yards</i>), <b>Jonathan Tucker</b> (<i>The Texas Chainsaw Massacre</i>) and <b>Ben Foster</b> (<i>Six Feet Under, The Punisher</i>), this acclaimed hit is based on the best-selling novel by <b>Robert Crais</b>.
Hot Tamale 1272 2006 Action; Comedy; Crime A road trip to Los Angeles inadvertently leads a young man from Wyoming into a wild maze of psychotic hit men, racy women, jewel thieves and-a salsa band?
Human Trafficking 1186 2005 Crime; Drama <i>Everyday, young girls are bought and sold.</i><br /><br /> Hundreds of thousands of young women have vanished from their everyday lives - forced by violence into a hellish existence of brutality and prostitution. They're a profitable commodity in the multi-billion-dollar industry of modern slavery. The underworld calls them human traffic...<br><br> When a sixteen-year-old girl from the Ukraine, a single mother from Russia, an orphaned seventeen-year-old girl from Romania, and a twelve-year-old American tourist become the victims of international sex slave traffickers, a specialized team of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) struggles to expose the worldwide network that has enslaved them. ICE agent Kate Morozov (Oscar® and Golden Globe® Award winner Mira Sorvino, <i>Mighty Aphrodite</i>) knows the horror of sexual exploitation first-hand and is dedicated to dismantling the network and bringing the ring's kingpin to justice.<br><br> From a torture chamber in Queens to the flesh-peddlers of Russia, the hunt is on as the fates of relentless ICE agents, the ruthless traffickers and their defenseless victims collide in a powder keg conspiracy of global proportions.<br><Br> Featuring Emmy® and Golden Globe® Award winner Donald Sutherland (<i>The Italian Job</i>) and <i>Trainspotting</i>'s Robert Carlyle, <i>Human Trafficking</i> is at once a gripping thriller, a cautionary tale, and one of the most fundamentally important stories of our time.
Hurricane, The 912 1999 Biography; Drama; Sport <i>"The Hurricane rides to glory on an astonishing performance by Denzel Washington!" -The New York Times</i><br /><br /> Academy Award®-winner <b>Denzel Washington</b> plays Rubin "Hurricane" Carter, a man who, in the prime of his boxing career finds himself wrongfully convicted of murder. Sentenced to life in prison, Carter's published memoir, <I>The Sixteenth Round</I>, inspired a teenager (<b>Vicellous Reon Shannon</b>) from Brooklyn and three Canadian activists (<b>Deborah Kara Unger</b>, <b>John Hannah</b>, <b>L. Schreiber</b>) who believed in the truth, to join forces with Carter to prove his innocence. Their extraordinary efforts ultimately secure this release, leaving <I>Hurricane</I> to sum up his 20 years in prison for a crime he didn't commit by simply stating, "Hate got me into this place, love got me out." Don't miss the movie <i>Rolling Stone</i> called, "A stirring fight for freedom! <b>Denzel Washington</b> at his powerful, poignant best!"
Ice Harvest, The 1124 2005 Comedy; Crime; Drama; Thriller <i>"Wickedly hilarious!" -Dean Richards, WB-TV</i><br><br> John Cusack and Billy Bob Thornton lead an all-star cast in this hilarious and unpredictable thriller that critics are calling "very funny stuff" (Richard Roeper, <i>Ebert & Roeper</i>).<BR><BR> When lawyer Charlie (Cusack) and his partner Vic (Thornton) steal from a mob boss, they think they've pulled off the perfect crime. But when they race through a night filled with mayhem, lust and lethal surprises, they realize that the biggest risk they'll take will be trusting each other.<BR><BR> From the director of <i>Analyze This</i> and <i>Groundhog Day</i>, <i>The Ice Harvest</I> cracks with outrageous laughs and slippery twists that will keep you guessing until the very end!
Incredibles, The 856 2004 Animation From the Academy Award® winning creators of <i>Finding Nemo</i> (2003 Best Animated Feature Film) comes the action-packed animated adventure about the mundane and incredible lives of a house full of superheroes.<br><br> Bob Parr and his wife Helen used to be among the world's greatest crime fighters, saving lives and battling evil on a daily basis. Fifteen years later, they have been forced to adopt civilian identities and retreat to the suburbs where they live "normal" lives with their three kids, Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack. Itching to get back into action, Bob gets his chance when a mysterious communication summons him to a remote island for a top secret assignment. He soon discovers that it will take a super family effort to rescue the world from total destruction.<Br><br> Exploding with fun and featuring an all-new animated short film, this spectacular 2-disc collector's edition DVD is high-flying entertainment for everyone. "It's James Bond, Indiana Jones, and the X-Men all rolled into one." -- Peter Travers, Rolling Stone
Inside Man 1274 2006 Crime; Drama; Thriller <i>"A heist thriller like you've never seen." -Jim Ferguson, ABC</i><br /><br /> Coming soon!
Into The Blue 1010 2005 Action; Crime; Thriller <i>Treasure Has Its Price</i><br><br> Red-hot action superstars Paul Walker and Jessica Alba heat up the screen as two sexy young divers who dream of finding hidden treasure. When they take some friends (Scott Caan and Ashley Scott) on an extreme sport adventure, the last thing they expect to see below the shark-infested waters is a legendary pirate ship rumored to contain millions of dollars in gold. But their incredible good fortune is short-lived, as a ruthless gang of deadly criminals gets word of what they have uncovered. The discovery of a lifetime could just cost the treasure hunters their lives, in the exciting new thriller from the director of <i>Blue Crush</i>.<br><br> <i><b>Check Out These INTO THE BLUE Clips!</i></b><br><br> <i><b>INTO THE BLUE Trailer<br> Click on one of the following links:</i></b><br><br> <a href=""target="new">Windows Media - Hi 300K</a><br><br> <a href=""target="new">Windows Media - Lo 56K</a><br><br> <a href=""target="new">Real Player - High 300K</a><br><br> <a href=""target="new">Real Player - Low 56K</a><br><br> <i><b>Diving Deeper Into The Blue<br> Click on one of the following links:</i></b><br><br> <a href=""target="new">Windows Media - Hi 300K</a><br><br> <a href=""target="new">Windows Media - Lo 56K</a><br><br> <a href=""target="new">Real Player - High 300K</a><br><br> <a href=""target="new">Real Player - Low 56K</a><br><br> <i><b>Deleted Scene: Saving Connor<br> Click on one of the following links:</i></b><br><br> <a href=""target="new">Windows Media - Hi 300K</a><br><br> <a href=""target="new">Windows Media - Lo 56K</a><br><br> <a href=""target="new">Real Player - High 300K</a><br><br> <a href=""target="new">Real Player - Low 56K</a><br><br>
Italian Job, The 952 2003 Action; Adventure; Crime; Thriller <i>Get In. Get Out. Get Even.</i><br /><br /> The plan was flawless. The execution was perfect. Charlie Croker pulled off the crime of a lifetime. The one thing that he didn't plan on was being double-crossed. Now he wants more than the job's payoff...he wants payback. <BR><BR> Mark Wahlberg is electrifying as Croker in this "fast and furious action-adventure." Along with a drop-dead gorgeous safecracker (Charlize Theron), Croker and his team take off to re-steal the loot and end up in a pulse-pounding, pedal-to-the-metal chase that careens up, down and below the streets of Los Angeles. <BR><BR> With an ensemble all-star cast that also includes Edward Norton, Seth Green, Jason Statham, Mos Def, Franky G and Donald Sutherland, <i>The Italian Job</i> is hot!
Italian Job, The 287 1969 Crime; Thriller Forget about the straight and narrow. Clever con Charlie Croker (Michael Caine) intends to go straight to the bank. Fresh from the slammer, he begins work on a heist that will either set him up for life-or send him up forever. Croker and his unruly lot of thieves take on the mob, the police and the gridlock traffic of Turin to rob a heavily armed shipment of gold bullion in <i>The Italian Job</i> <bR><br> Entertainment legend Noel Coward (in his last film role) costars in this open-throttle caper as criminal mastermind Bridger. And Benny Hill, Raf Vallone and Rossano Brazzi add to the story's fun and suspense as it zips from plan to robbery to escape to an ending that's a cliffhanger in every sense of the word! Hold on tight!
Jackie Brown 890 1997 Crime; Drama; Thriller <i>"One Of The Year's Best!" -Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times</i><br /><br /> Combining an explosive mix of intense action and edgy humor wirh a sizzling all-star cast, director Quentin Tarantino (<I>Pulp Fiction</I>) scores with the entertaining <I>Jackie Brown</I>. What do a sexy stewardess (Pam Grier), a street-tough gun runner (Samuel L. Jackson), a lonley bail bondsman (Robert Forster), a shifty ex-con (Robert De Niro), an earnest federal agent (Michael Keaton) and a stoned-out beach bunny (Bridget Fonda) have in common? They're six players on the trail of a half million dollars in cash! The only questions are… who's going to get played… and who's going to make the big score?
Jackie Chan's Police Story 475 1985 Action; Comedy; Crime; Thriller Kevin Chan (aka Jackie) is a Hong-Kong cop, who scores his first big hit by virtually single-handedly capturing and arresting a big drug- lord...
Judgment Night 894 1993 Action; Crime; Thriller <i>In a deadly game of cat and mouse, they must fight to survive.</i><br /><br /> Emilio Estevez, Cuba Gooding, Jr., Denis Leary, Stephen Dorff and Jeremy Piven star in this riveting action thriller pitting four young men against both the hostile city streets and the twisted mind of a killer. While racing to a boxing match, Frank, Mike, John and Rey (Estevez, Gooding, Jr., Dorff, Piven) get more than they bargained for. A wrong turn lands them directly in the path of Fallon (Leary), a vicious, wise-cracking drug lord. After accidentally witnessing Fallon murder a disloyal henchman, the four become his unwilling prey in a savage game of cat and mouse as they are mercilessly stalked through the urban jungle in this taut suspense drama.
Kalifornia 596 1993 Crime; Drama; Thriller A journalist duo go on a tour of serial killer murder sites with two companions, unaware that one of them is a serial killer himself.
Kill Bill Volume 1 1429 2003 Action; Crime; Drama; Thriller <i>The 4th Film by Quentin Tarantino.</i><br /><br /> The acclaimed fourth film from groundbreaking writer and director Quentin Tarantino (<i>Pulp Fiction</i>, <i>Jackie Brown</i>) <i>Kill Bill Volume 1</i> stars Uma Thurman (<i>Pulp Fiction</i>), Lucy Liu (</i>Charlie's Angels</i>, <i>Chicago</i>) and Vivica A. Fox (<i>Two Can Play That Game</i>) in an astonishing, action-packed thriller about brutal betrayal and an epic vendetta! Four years ater taking a bullet in the head at her own wedding, The Bride (Thurman) emerges from a coma and decides it's time for payback...with a vengeance! Having been gunned down by her former boss (David Carradine) and his deadly squad of intenational assassins, it's a kill-or-be killed fights she doesn't start but is determined to fishish! Loaded with explosive action and outrageous humor, it's a must-see motion picture that has critics everywhere raving!
Kill Bill Volume 2 1430 2004 Action; Crime; Drama; Thriller <i>The New Film By Quentin Tarantino</i><br /><br /> With this thrilling, must-see movie event, writer and director <b>Quentin Tarantino</b> (<i>Pulp Fiction</i>) completes the action-packed quest for revenge begun by The Bride (<b>Uma Thurman</b>) in <i>Kill Bill Vol. 1</i>! Having already crossed two names from her Death List, The Bride is back with a vengeance and taking aim at Budd (<b>Michael Madsen</b>) and Elle Driver (<b>Daryl Hannah</b>), the only survivors from the squad of assassins who betrayed her four years earlier. It's all leading up to the ultimate confrontation with Bill (<b>David Carradine</b>), The Bride's former master and the man who ordered her execution! As the acclaimed follow-up to the instant classic <i>Vol. 1</i> - you know all about the unlimited action and humor, but until you've seen <i>Kill Bill Vol. 2</i> you only know half the story!<br>
Kindergarten Cop 354 1990 Action; Comedy; Crime; Family; Thriller <i>An undercover cop in a class by himself.</i><br><br> Arnold Schwarzenegger stars as an undercover cop posing as a kindergarten teacher in order to catch a dangerous criminal. Once he wrangles his young charges, as well as the affections of a beautiful teacher (Penelope Ann Miller), he prepares for a final showdown with his intended prey in this "Totally enjoyable" action-comedy.
King of New York 668 1990 Action; Crime; Drama A former drug lord returns from prison determined to wipe out all his competition and distribute the profits of his operations to New York's poor and lower classes in this stylish and ultra violent modern twist on Robin Hood.
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang 1105 2005 Action; Comedy; Crime; Mystery; Thriller A murder mystery brings together a private eye, a struggling actress, and a thief masquerading as an actor.
Kiss The Girls 974 1997 Drama; Mystery; Thriller; Crime <i>A detective is searching for a deadly collector. His only hope is the woman who got away.</i><br /><br /> Eight kidnapped women. All beautiful. All talented. All in danger of having their lives cut cruelly short if police detective Alex Cross and key witness Kate Mctiernan can't locate the elusive "collector" who calls himself Cassanova. From the Deep South to the California coast and back, the hunt is on in this provocative race-against-time suspenser based on the best-selling novel by James Patterson. Ashley Judd plays resourceful, strong-willed Mctiernan. She's the lone escapee from Casanova's hidden lair...and determined to rescue the fellow captives she left behind. Morgan Freeman is Cross, a master at solving the unsolvable. But there's more than his reputation at stake: This time one of the victimes is his niece.
L.A. Confidential 887 1997 Crime; Drama; Mystery; Thriller <i>Everything Is Suspect...Everyone Is For Sale...And Nothing Is What It Seems.</i><br /><br /> <i>L.A. Confidential</i> is "tough, gorgeous and vastly entertaining" (Janet Maslin, <i>The New York Times</i>), "a genuine masterpiece that will knock your socks off" (Rex Reed). Director Curtis Hanson and a terrific cast serve up a "ravishing, thrilling tale of police corruption and Hollywood glamour" (Marshall Fine, <i>Gannett Newspapers</i>) in this adaptation of James Ellroy's novel. Three cops (Kevin Spacey, Russell Crowe, Guy Pearce), a call girl (Kim Basinger), a mysterious millionaire (David Strathairn), a tabloid journalist (Danny DeVito), and the Chief of Detectives (James Cromwell) fuel a labyrinthine plot rife with mystery, ambition, romance, and humor. What you'll see is off the record, on the QT and very hush-hush.
Ladykillers, The 719 2004 Animation; Comedy; Crime; Horror <i>The Greatest Criminal Minds Of All Time Have Finally Met Their Match.</i><br><br> Academy Award-winning Tom Hanks turns in a hilariously original performance in <i>The Ladykillers</i>, the laugh-out-loud comedy that explodes with outrageous wit and slapstick humor from the Coen Brothers (<i>O Brother, Where Art Thou?, Fargo</i>). Underneath Professor G.H. Dorr's (Hanks) silver-tongued southern gentleman persona is a devious criminal who's assembled a motley gang of thieves to commit the heist of the century by funneling through his churchgoing landlady's root cellar to a casino's vault of riches. But these cons are far from pros. As their scheme begins blowing up in their faces, their landlady smells a rat. And when she threatens to call the police, they figure they'll just bump her off. After all, how hard can that be? Wickedly funny from start to finish, it would be a crime to miss <i>The Ladykillers</i>.<br>
Last House On The Left, The 969 1972 Crime; Horror; Thriller Bold, powerful and starkly realistic, this chilling cinematic debut of horror master Wes Craven (<I>Scream</I>) is a shocking journey into the heart of evil. Written and directed with "almost unbearable dramatic tension" (<I>Chicago Sun Times</I>), <I>The Last House on the Left</I> will make you deadbolt your doors and frantically mutter: "It's only a movie… it's only a movie… it's only a movie.!"<br><br> Easy going Mari Collingwood and her fun loving friend Phyllis are on their way to a Bloodlust concert to celebrate Mari's 17th birthday when three escaped convicts kidnap and torture them. But Mari and Phyllis are fighters, and although they are drugged and beaten into unconsciousness, stuffed in a car trunk and driven into the woods for even more brutality, they are still alive…. But for how long?
Last Seduction, The 1374 1994 Crime; Thriller; Drama Bridget Gregory (Linda Fiorentino) seems to have it all: beauty, intelligence and a marriage to Clay, a wealthy physician (Bill Pullman). But everything isn't enough for Bridget, who persuades her husband to make dirty deals on prescription drugs and then runs with the profit. Now incognito in a mid-American small town. Bridget draws a naive local, Mike Swale (Peter Berg) into a smoldering affair.<br><br> Passion, greed and revenge forge a desperate triangle between the three as Bridget draws her unknowing victims deeper into her deadly web of deceit.
Layer Cake 777 2004 Crime; Drama; Thriller Planning to retire and begin a new life, Mr. X (<b>Daniel Craig</b>, <i>Lara Croft: Tomb Raider</i>), a successful West End drug dealer, has been asked for one last favor: to negotiate the sale of one million hits of Ecstasy. Unfortunately for Mr. X, the pills were stolen from a Serbian drug lord who'll cut off his head if he sells them. And with a London crime czar (<b>Michael Gambon</b>, <i>Open Range, The Insider</i>) promising to retire him permanently if he doesn't, Mr. X may be rightfully concerned about his future. Nothing worth losing his head over.
Leon The Professional 62 1994 Crime <i>"Flying High On Explosive Action." -Peter Travers, Rolling Stone</i><br><br> Jean Reno, Gary Oldman, Natalie Portman and Danny Aiello star in <I>Leon</I>, a go-for-broke thriller about a professional assassin whose work becomes dangerously personal.<br><br> Calling himself a "cleaner," the mysterious Leon is New York's top hitman. When his next-door neighbors are murdered, Leon becomes the unwilling guardian of the family's sole survivor -- 12-year-old Mathilda. But Mathilda doesn't just want protection; she wants revenge. Training her in the deadly tricks of his trade, <I>Leon</I> helps her track the psychotic agent who murdered her family. From the electrifying opening to the fatal finale, <I>Leon</I>, is a non-stop crescendo of action, suspense and surprises. This uncut version contains 24 minutes of extra footage deemed too explicit for the American audience.
Lethal Weapon 1305 1987 Action; Comedy; Crime; Drama; Thriller Martin Riggs (Mel Gibson) is no ordinary cop. He's a Mad Max gone maniacal, a man whose killing expertise and suicidal recklessness make him a Lethal Weapon to anyone he works against. Or with.<BR> Roger Murtaugh (Danny Glover) is an easygoing homicide detective with a loving family, a big house and a pension he doesn't want to lose. Imagine Murtaugh's shock when he learns his new partner is a guy with nothing left to lose: wild-eyed, burnt-out Martin Riggs.<BR> Lethal Weapon is the thrill-packed story of two Vietnam-vets-turned-cops who have just one other thing in common: both hate to work with partners. But their partnership becomes the key to survival when a routine murder investigation leads to all-out, take-no-prisoners, martial-arts-and-machine-guns war with an international heroin ring.
Lethal Weapon 2 1306 1989 Action; Comedy; Crime; Drama; Thriller Buddy-cops Martin Riggs and Murtaugh are back, trying to keep a key witness-and themselves-alive in Lethal Weapon 2. And exciting it is, from its breathless opening chase through L.A. streets to its raging gun-battle finale. In between, there's a six-story plummet from a window, a booby-trapped toilet, a Houdini-like underwater escape and the incredible destruction of a chic hillside stilt house.
Lethal Weapon 3 1307 1992 Action; Comedy; Crime; Thriller <i>The magic is back again!</i><br /><br /> They're back in their most successful, most explosive, most hilarious smash hit yet. They come, they see, they kick butt in a caper that has LA police detectives Riggs (Gibson) and Murtaugh (Glover) ripping into a vicious crime ring dealing guns to the streets. <br> Joe Pesci returns as shady ex-mob accountant Leo Getz, and Rene Russo ads a lethal kick as Internal Affairs investigator Lorna Cole, like Riggs a born risktaker. Risks are everywhere: a high-rise explodes into dust, a housing tract goes up like matchsticks, Riggs takes an 80-foot plunge on a motorcycle. Lethal Weapon 3 isn't just more of everything. It's the most!
Lethal Weapon 4 1308 1998 Action; Comedy; Crime; Thriller <i>The Gang's All Here</i><br /><br /> Mel Gibson and Danny Glover return as buddy cops Riggs and Murtaugh, with Joe Pesci riding comedy shotgun as chatterbox Leo. Murtaugh is still the family man. Riggs is still the gonzo loose cannon and--what's this?--family man. His will he/won't he marriage to Cole (Rene Russo) is one of the new wrinkles in this powerhouse crowd-pleaser that also stars comedy favorite Chris Rock and international action star Jet Li. Wedding bells, ammo shells, explosive laughter--this one's fully loaded!
Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels 11 1998 Comedy; Crime; Thriller <i>A disgrace to criminals everywhere</i><br><br> Streetwise charmer and cardshark Eddy (Nick Moran) walks into the biggest card game of his life carrying a stake backed by the life-savings of his three best mates, Tom (Jason Flemying), Bacon (Jason Statham) and Soap (Dexter Fletcher). Eddy is the sharpest player on the circuit but the game is set-up, and Eddy leaves owing underworld boss "Hatchet" Harry (P.H. Moriarty) half a million. Harry gives Eddy a week to come up with the money before he starts taking fingers as collateral. Eddy's dad, JD (Sting) can cancel the debt by handing over his bar, lock, stock, and barrel to his old adversary, Harry, JD refuses to give in, feeling his street-tough son can get himself out of his own messes. So, while Harry sends a couple of petty crooks to steal a pair of antique shotguns to add to his collection, Eddy and his mates plan a caper that will enable them to pay off Harry and make out like bandits! In a comedy of errors, and a helter-skelter ride through London's gangland, the guns, cash, drugs and identities become all mixed up as a full complement of London's lowlife get involved in a melee which even their menace can't handle. Full of energy and surprising twists at every turn, it's a rollicking comedy that has it all, <i>Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels</i>.
The Long Good Friday 575 1980 Crime; Drama; Thriller Harold, a prosperous English gangster, is about to close a lucrative new deal when bombs start showing up in very inconvenient places...
Lost Highway 54 1997 Crime; Thriller A jazz saxophonist that suspects his wife of having an affair is accused of her murder after he has a bizarre encounter at a party. He then inexplicably transforms into a young mechanic and begins leading a new life.
Lucky Number Slevin 1157 2006 Crime; Drama; Thriller A case of mistaken identity lands Slevin (Josh Hartnett) into the middle of a war being plotted by two of the city's most rival crime bosses: The Rabbi (Ben Kingsley) and The Boss (Morgan Freeman). Slevin is under constant surveillance by relentless Detective Brikowski (Stanley Tucci) as well as the infamous assassin Goodkat (Bruce Willis) and finds himself having to hatch his own ingenious plot to get them before they get him. <a href="/rg/title-tease/trailers/title/tt0425210/trailers">(view trailer)</a>
Made In Britain 571 1982 Crime; Drama <i>A Film by Alan Clarke - Music by The Exploited</i><br /><br /> Academy Award® nominee Tim Roth (<i>Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction</i>) made his unforgettable film debut as Trevor, a ferocious teenage skinhead whose random acts of racism, vandalism and violence send him on a snarling spiral through England's justice system. This is the unsparing portrait of youth fueled by rage and hate prowling an empire ruled by repression and despair. It remains a shattering cinematic experience that could only be <i>Made In Britain</i>.<br><br> This uncompromising classic directed by Alan Clarke (<i>Scum</i>) from a searing screenplay by David Leland (<i>Mona Lisa, Wish You Were Here</i>) features gritty cinematography by two-time Oscar ® winner Chris Menges (<i>The Mission, The Killing Fields</i>) with music by anarchist icons The Exploited.
Magnum Force 934 1973 Crime; Drama; Thriller <i>"Undeniably Exciting and Stunningly Well Put Together." -Clive Hirschhorn, The Warner Bros. Story</i><br /><br /> Underworld figures are being murdered all over San Francisco. One by one, criminals who have eluded prosecution are getting the justice they deserve, justice you'd think Detective Harry Callahan might approve of with a tight-lipped smile. But if you think so, you've misjudged Harry - and so have the killers.<BR><BR> Written by future directors John Milius and Michael Cimino, this <I>Dirty Harry</I> sequel stars Clint Eastwood in his signature role of Callahan, here facing an unexpected kind of lawbreaker: one who carries a badge. Sharpshooting rookie motorcycle policemen have turned vigilante. Their real enemy is the system. But the system is what Harry is sworn to protect. And he does - with <I>Magnum Force</I>.
Man On Fire 978 2004 Action; Crime; Drama; Thriller Hard-drinking, burnt-out ex-CIA operative John Creasy (Denzel Washington) has given up on life--until his friend Rayburn (Oscar winner Christopher Walken) gets him a job as a bodyguard to nine-year-old Pita Ramos (Dakota Fanning). Bit by bit, Creasy begins to reclaim his soul, but when Pita is kidnapped, Creasy unleashes a firestorm of apocalyptic vengeance against everyone responsible.
Man Who Knew Too Little, The 662 1997 Comedy; Crime; Thriller <i>The International intelligence community is about to get a lot less intelligent.</i><br /><br /> Wallace Ritchie, an American vacationer in London doesn't know that the bullets are real and the truth serum true. He thinks the intrigue erupting around him is part of an audience-participation theater event. Yet the world's fate depends on this gullible goofus who can't even spell CIA.<BR><br> Bill Murray is Ritchie, the niave spy who comes in very bold in The Man Who Knew Too Little. He can't believe how believable the make-believe is. But as Ritchie's funny experiences with a femme fatale, a corpse, highway pursuits (lesson #1: drive on the left), assassins and a bomb proove, variety isn't just the spice of life. It's just the life of spies.
Manhunter 970 1986 Crime; Drama; Horror; Thriller <i>The Hannibal Lecter Series</i><br /><br /> Witness the birth of evil. This "eerie, very intense" (<i>New York</i>) thriller from writer-director Michael Mann (<i>Heat, The Insider</i> first introduced the world to the cunning, unforgettable serial killer named Hannibal. Joan Allen and Stephen Lang co-star in this "dark locomotive of a film" (<i>Los Angeles Times</i>) that promises to "keep viewers riveted" (<i>Time</i>)!<br><br> Former FBI profiler Will Graham (William Peterson, "CSI") reluctantly returns to his old job to track a horrific serial killer known as the "Tooth Fairy." But in order to get into the mind of this maniac, Graham must face another: Hannibal, the imprisoned psychiatrist whose own insanity almost Graham his life...and whose insights into the Tooth Fairy could prove as dangerous as the killer himself.
El Mariachi 1320 1993 Action; Crime; Thriller <i>The Sundance Film Festival winner from Director Robert Rodriguez!</i><br /><br /> All he wants is to be a Mariachi, like his father, his grandfather and his great grandfather before him. But the town he thinks will bring him luck brings him only a curse of deadly mistaken identity. Forced to trade his guitar for a gun, the mariachi is playing for his life in this critically-acclaimed film debut from director Robert Rodriguez.<br><br> Financed with earnings from a month-long stay in a research hospital, this astonishing action adventure was shot with no secodn takes, using borrowed equipment and a talented cast of unknowns. The riveting result is a wild bullet-dodging ride through a world of bandido violence, from the suspense of the opening shoot-out to the tragedy of the unexpected conclusion. WIth little more than a great story and a lot of heart, Rodriguez has craeted pure movie pleasure, setting new standards for independent filmmaking, and establishing himself as an unquestionable talent. "An enormously entertaining movie." (Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times)
The Mask 446 1994 Action; Comedy; Crime; Fantasy; Musical Bank clerk Stanley Ipkiss is transformed into a manic super-hero when he wears a mysterious mask.
The Matador 1049 2005 Comedy; Crime; Drama; Thriller A globetrotting hitman and a crestfallen businessman meet in a hotel bar in Mexico City in an encounter that draws them together in a way neither expected.
Matchstick Men 982 2003 Comedy; Crime; Drama; Thriller <i>"Two thumbs way up."-Ebert & Roeper</i><br /><br /> If there's a sucker born every minute, these guys will work the delivery room. Meet Roy and Frank, con men who plan to flimflam a flimflammer out of big-time dough. They have a new partner to help them too: Roy's long-absent 14-year-old daughter, who has entered his life and is eager to learn the art of the con.<br><br> Just when you think you have it figured out you don't, during this acclaimed comedy thriller directed by Ridley Scott. Nicolas Cage is winningly quirky as Roy, genius at crime and basket case in life because he's an agoraphobe, a germaphobe and suddenly a <I>parent</I>. Sam Rockwell is wily Frank. And Alison Lohman plays the wild child at Roy's door. For fun, suspense and brain-busting twists, nothing's hotter than <I>Matchstick Men</I>.
Me, Myself & Irene 1353 2000 Adventure; Comedy; Crime; Romance <i>It's not unusual for two men to be in love with the same woman…unless it's the same man.</i><br /><br /> Jim Carrey delivers a hysterical performance in this "fall-down, flat-out, irresistibly deranged movie" (<I>Rolling Stone</I>). Rhode Island state trooper Charlie Baileygates (Jim Carrey) proves that nice guys finish first after marrying the prettiest gal in town. But when she leaves him for another man, Charlie develops a split personality and his outrageous opposite, Hank, is born! Hank's got a filthy mouth, a bad attitude and a short fuse. When Charlie falls crazy in love with the beautiful but wanted Irene, he must wage war -- with himself -- for the confused Irene's affections.
Mean Creek 840 2004 Adventure; Crime; Drama; Thriller <i>Beneath The Surface Everyone Has A Secret.</i><br><br> With wonderfully authentic performances from a talented cast including Rory Culkin (<i>Signs, You Can Count On Me</i>) and Trevor Morgan, first-time director Jacob Aaron Estes brings you a story of friendship, tolerance and forgiveness that Roger Ebert calls "extraordinary" and <i>Entertainment Weekly</i> says is "...a terrifically harrowing tale!"<bR><bR> Sam (Culkin) can't seem to forget the day as he was beaten at school by the class bully, George. His teenage brother Rocky (Morgan) won't let him forget, either. Together with his best friends, Rocky plans a little harmless revenge and a lesson in humility. But, when the plan turns suddenly tragic, the true lesson of consequence is one they must all learn themselves. Kenneth Turan of the <i>L.A. Times</i> says <i>Mean Creek</i> is "...a revelation... with echoes of <i>Deliverance</i> and ...<i>River's Edge.</i>"
Mean Streets 278 1973 Crime An early Martin Scorcese-Robert DeNiro effort. This is an excellent portrait of small-time hoods in New York City's Little Italy where brutality, competitiveness and strong family ties of the neighborhood are revealed.<br> Harvey Keitel plays Charlie, working his way up the ranks of a local mob. Amy Robinson is Teresa, the girlfriend his family deems unsuitable because of her epilepsy. And in the starmaking role that won Best Supporting Actor Awards from the New York and National Society of Film Critics, DeNiro is Johnny Boy, a small-time gambler in big-time debt to the loan sharks.
Memento 18 2000 Crime; Drama; Mystery; Thriller <i>"A Masterpiece!" -Mike D'Angelo, Time Out</i><br><br> The revenge thriller gets an unforgettable new twist with <I>Memento</I>, an intricate crime story about a man with a damaged memory chasing a murderer whose identity he cannot possibly ever know for sure. Directed by Christopher Nolan, <I>Memento</I> has blown the minds of audiences around the world - by deftly forging a reality in which neither the lead character nor the audience knows who is pulling the strings… until everything that seemed true flips upside down.<Br><br> Leonard (Guy Pearce) suffers from a rare brain disorder - the inability to form any new memories. He can remember in detail everything that happened before his injury, but anyone he has met or anything he has done since that fateful night, simply vanishes.<Br><br> Who are his friends? Who are his enemies? What is the truth? In Leonard's world, the answers to these questions shift and change from second to second. And the more he tries to figure out what is true and real, the deeper he sinks into a multi-layered abyss of uncertainty and surprises.
Menace II Society 387 1993 Crime; Drama <i>This is the truth. This is what's real.</i><br><br> This urban nightmare chronicles several days in the life of Caine Lawson, following his high-school graduation, as he attempts to escape his violent existence in the projects of Watts, CA.
Mexican, The 465 2001 Comedy; Crime Together for the first time, superstars Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts take a hilarious, action-packed tour south of the border with James Gandolfini (<I>The Sopranos</I>) in what People Magazine calls "a quirky romantic comedy with plenty of gunplay and intrigue."<br><br> Before reckless Jerry can make amends with Samantha, he has to take one more wild ride down to Mexico to pick up a priceless antique pistol and settle his debts. As things begin heating up with mob bosses and hit men, the action boils over with surprise twists and turns in the film Roger Ebert gives "Thumbs Up".
Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil 973 1997 Crime; Drama; Mystery <i>Welcome to Savannah, Georgia. A city of hot nights and cold-blooded murder.</i><br /><br /> The most important party of the Savannah Christmas season ends with a bang! When affable host Jim Williams (Kevin Spacey) shoots a man to death. The party is over, the mystery begins. Director Clint Eastwood weaves murder, mystery and voodoo into a suptuous adaptation of the John Berendt bestseller based on true events. Spacey and John Cusack as a journalist drawn to Savannah's decadence and eccentrics lead a nimble cast that includes Jack Thompson, Alison Eastwood and The Lady Chablis. For "one of te best American films of the year," rendezvous at Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.
Minority Report 957 2002 Action; Animation; Drama; Mystery; Sci-Fi; Thriller <i>"Two thumbs way up! A masterpiece." - Ebert & Roper</i><br /><br /> Superstar Tom Cruise gives his "most potent action performance" (David Ansen, <I>Newsweek</I>) in director Steven Spielberg's <I>Minority Report.</I><br><br> For six years, Washington D.C. has been murder free thanks to astounding technology which identifies killers before they commit their crime. But when the chief of the Precrime Unit (Cruise) is himself accused of a future murder, he has just 36 hours to discover who set him up- or he'll fall victim to the "perfect" system he helped create. It's a mind-blowing action thriller that's such an achievement it "reminds us why we go to the movies in the first place" (Roger Ebert, <I>Chicago Sun-Times</i>).
Minus Man, The 1461 1999 Drama; Mystery; Thriller <i>When He's Around Nothing Adds Up.</i><br /><br /> When quiet and amiable Vann Siegert (Owen Wilson) drifts into town, no one suspects the evil that lies beneath the surface. Despite his easy charm, he is merely a reflection of what those who encounter him want him to be.<br><br> The more Vann tries to make a success of his new life, the stronger are the mysterious forces that pull him in a darker direction. When locals start to disappear, it becomes clear that an eerie subtraction is at work among the lost and lonely of this sleepy, seaside hamlet. People look toward Vann, but no one can quite put their finger on who he really is. Through it all, he carries on a surreal dialogue with imaginary detectives (Dwight Yoakam and Dennis Haysbert) who question his crimes and motives.<br><br> Janeane Garofalo, Brian Cox and Mercedes Ruehl also star in this unsettling and offbeat psychological thriller that looks into the mind of a serial killer.
Mississippi Burning 736 1988 Crime; Drama; Thriller <i>"A Startling History Lesson. A Chilling Detective Tale!" -Los Angeles Times</i><br><br> Starring two-time Oscar® winner Gene Hackman and Academy Award® nominee Willem Dafoe, <I>Mississippi Burning</I> "ranks as one of the most potent and insightful views of racial turmoil yet produced" (<I>Variety</I>). Nominated for six Oscars® and winner of an Academy Award® for Best Cinematography, this emotionally charged film vividly captures "a crucial chapter in American history" (<I>Time</I>)!<br><br> As three civil rights activist drive down a desolate stretch of highway, headlights ominously draw near. Telling each other to stay clam, they have no way of knowing that in minutes they will disappear into the night and spark one of the most explosive murder investigations in history. Enter straight-laced Ward (Dafoe) and deceptively easy-going Anderson (Hackman). Can these two philosophically opposed FBI agents overcome their differences and uncover the chilling mystery of a small Ku Klux Klan-ridden community before an entire town is torn apart by racism?
Munich 1097 2005 Crime; Drama; History; Thriller Based on the true story of the Black September aftermath, about the five men chosen to eliminate the ones responsible for that fateful day.
National Security 1354 2003 Action; Comedy; Crime; Thriller <i>"Wild come brilliance!" -David Sheehan, CBS</i><br /><br /> When Martin Lawrence (<i>Bad Boys</i>) and Steve Zahn (<i>Daddy Day Care</i>) team up as security guards, no one's safe! <BR><BR> LAPD reject and major troublemaker Earl (Martin Lawrence) got L.A. cop Hank (Steve Zahn) kicked off the force for brutality. Now, these two guys who can't stand each other, are stuck working together as lowly security guards. And they're playing cops to bring down a smuggling ring-if they can stay alive and stay one step ahead of the real cops. <BR><BR> Co-starring Eric Roberts (<i>The Specialist</i>), <i>National Security</i> will take you on a wild ride with the most unlikely heroes ever to wear a badge.
National Treasure 716 2004 Action; Adventure <i>"National Treasure is the Indiana Jones of the new Millennium!"-Paul Fischer, Dark Horizons</i><br><br> From Jerry Bruckheimer, producer of <i>Pirates of the Caribbean</i> and Jon Turtletaub, director of <i>Phenomenon</i>, comes <i>National Treasure</i>. It's the thrilling, edge-of-your-seat adventure starring Academy Award winner Nicolas Cage as Benjamin Franklin Gates. Ever since he was a boy, Gates has been obsessed with finding the legendary Knights Templar Treasure, the greatest fortune known to man. As Gates tries to find and decipher ancient riddles that will lead him to it, he's dogged by a ruthless enemy (Sean Bean, <i>The Lord of the Rings</i> trilogy) who wants the riches for himself. Now in a race against time, Gates must steal one of America's most sacred and guarded documents - the Declaration of Independence - or let it, and a key clue to the mystery, fall into dangerous hands. Heart-pounding chases, close calls and the FBI turn Gates' quest into a high-stakes crime caper and the most exciting treasure hunt you've ever experienced.
Negotiator, The 1462 1998 Action; Crime; Drama; Mystery; Thriller <i>He Frees Hostages For A Living. Now He's Taking Hostages To Survive.</i><br /><br /> Maverick hostage negotiator Danny Roman (Samuel L. Jackson) is framed for embezzlement and murder. Newly married and unjustly faced with prison, Roman turns hostage-taker to smoke out the guilty ones. Squaring off against him is respected, methodical negotiator Chris Sabian (Kevin Spacey). Under siege and racing the clock, the two lock in a deadly battle of wits.
O Brother, Where Art Thou? 146 2000 Comedy; Crime Disenchanted with the daily drudge of crushing rocks on a prison farm in Mississippi, the dapper, silver-tongued Ulysses Everett McGill (George Clooney, <I>The Perfect Storm</I>) busts loose. Except he's shackled to his two chain-mates from the chain gang - bad tempered Pete (John Turturro, <I>Summer of Sam</I>) and sweet, dimwitted Delmar (Tim Blake Nelson, <I>Hamlet</I>). With nothing to lose and buried loot to regain - before it is lost forever in a flood - the three embark on the adventure of a lifetime in this hilarious offbeat road picture. Populated with strange characters, including a blind prophet, sexy sirens and a one-eyed Bible salesman (John Goodman, <I>Coyote Ugly</I>), it's an odyssey filled with chases, close calls, near misses and betrayal that will leave you laughing at every outrageous and surprising twist and turn.
O Brother, Where Art Thou? 997 2000 Adventure; Comedy; Crime; Music Disenchanted with the daily drudge of crushing rocks on a prison farm in Mississippi, the dapper, silver-tongued Ulysses Everett McGill (George Clooney, <I>The Perfect Storm</I>) busts loose. Except he's shackled to his two chain-mates from the chain gang - bad tempered Pete (John Turturro, <I>Summer of Sam</I>) and sweet, dimwitted Delmar (Tim Blake Nelson, <I>Hamlet</I>). With nothing to lose and buried loot to regain - before it is lost forever in a flood - the three embark on the adventure of a lifetime in this hilarious offbeat road picture. Populated with strange characters, including a blind prophet, sexy sirens and a one-eyed Bible salesman (John Goodman, <I>Coyote Ugly</I>), it's an odyssey filled with chases, close calls, near misses and betrayal that will leave you laughing at every outrageous and surprising twist and turn.
Ocean's Eleven 19 2001 Comedy; Crime; Thriller The plan is set. The rules are clear. If all goes right for Danny Ocean's grifters, the payoff is $150 million. Divided by 11. You do the math.<br><br> The skill of Academy Award®-winning director Steven Soderbergh combines with enough starpower to light up the Las Vegas strip in this classy caper. George Clooney plays Danny, defying the odds in a split-second heist of three Vegas casinos - all owned by a magnate (Andy Garcia) who is dating Danny's ex-wife (Julia Roberts). A fixer (Brad Pitt), a pickpocket (Matt Damon), a blackjack dealer (Bernie Mac), a flimflammer (Carl Reiner) and others in well-defined roles are with Danny. Are you in or out?
Ocean's Twelve 820 2005 Action; Comedy; Crime; Thriller They're back. And then some. Twelve is the new eleven when Danny Ocean and pals return in a sequel to the cool caper that saw them pull off a $160-million heist. But $160 million doesn't go as far as it used to. Not with everyone spending like sailors on leave. Not with Vegas big-shot Terry Benedict out to recover his dough. And not with a mysterious someone stalking Danny and crew. It's time to pull off another stunner of a plan - or <i>plans</i>. With locations including Amsterdam, Paris and Rome, the direction of Steven Soderbergh and the original cast plus Catherine Zeta-Jones and others, <i>Twelve</i> is your lucky number.
Oliver Twist (2005) 1078 2005 Drama <i>From the Academy Award-Winning Director of "The Pianist"</i><br><br> Roman Polanski directs the classic Charles Dickens' story of a young orphan boy who gets involved with a gang of pickpockets in 19th Century London. Abandoned at an early age, Oliver Twist (Barney Clark) is forced to live in a workhouse lorded over by the awful Mr. Bumble, who cheats the boys of their meager rations. Desperate yet determined, Oliver makes his escape to the streets of London. Penniless and alone, he is lured into a world of crime by the sinister Fagin (Academy-Award® winner Sir Ben Kingsley) -- the mastermind of a gang of pint-sized pickpockets. Oliver's rescue by the kindly Mr. Brownlow is only the beginning of a series of adventures that lead him to the promise of a better life.
Once Upon A Time In America 598 1984 Crime; Drama <i>"May be the definitive gangster picture. Rarely equaled." -David N. Meyer, The New York Times</i><br /><br /> Ten years in planning, Sergio Leone's epic <i>Once Upon A Time In America</i> portrays 50 years of riveting underworld history and offers rich roles to a remarkable cast. Robert De Niro and James Woods play lifelong Lower East Side pals whose wary partnership unravels in death and mystery. Strong support comes from Tuesday Weld, Joe Pesci, Jennifer Connelly, Elizabeth McGovern and the young actors playing the central characters as ghetto kids. To see this film (offered for the first time in the full version 1984 Cannes Film Festival audiences cheered) is "to be swept away by the assurance and vitality of a great director making his final statement in a medium he adored" (Kenneth Turan, <i>Los Angeles Times</i>).
Once Upon A Time In Mexico 1379 2003 Action; Crime; Thriller <i>"One non-stop thrill after another!" - Clay Smith, Access Hollywood</i><br /><br /> Leaping back into action, gun-slinging, guitar-toting hero "El Mariachi" is back in town in <I>Once Upon a Time in Mexico</I>, as director Robert Rodirguez delivers the epic final chapter of his pulp western trilogy. Starring Antonio Banderas, Salma Hayek, Johnny Depp, Mickey Rourke, Eva Mendes, Enrique Iglesias and William Dafoe <I>Once Upon a Time In Mexico</I> is a full-frontal assault.
Out Of Time 1404 2003 Crime; Drama; Thriller <i>"A first-rate absorbing thriller!" - Jeffrey Lyons, NBC-TV</i><br /><br /> Two-time Oscar winner Denzel Washington (<I>Training Day</I>) is "fantastic [in this] inventive, exciting and spellbinding thriller" (<i>The Movie Network</i>) co-starring Eva Mendes (<I>2 Fast 2 Furious</I>), Sanaa Lathan (<I>Blade</I>) and Dean Cain (<i>Lois and Clark"</i>!<Br><Br> In Banyan Key, a small Florida town surrounded by azure seas and sultry secrets, Chief of Police Matt Whitlock (Washington) finds himself caught in the eye of the storm... and about to get blown away. Investigating the murder of a woman he was secretly seeing, Matt races to uncover a murky trail of stolen money, drugs and deceit, all the while staying two steps ahead of his own detectives... because all the evidence points to him!
Perfect World, A 679 1993 Crime; Drama; Thriller Double Academy Award® winners Kevin Costner and Clint Eastwood confront each other from opposite sides of the law in <I>A Perfect World</I>, an acclaimed, multilayered manhunt saga (directed by Eastwood) that rumbles down Texas backroads toward a harrowing collision with fate.<br><br> Costner plays Butch Haynes, a hardened prison escapee on the lam with a young hostage (T.J. Lowther in a remarkable film debut) who sees in Butch the father figure he never had. Eastwood is wily Texas Ranger Red Garnett, leading deputies and a criminologist (Laura Dern) in a statewide pursuit. Red knows every road and pothole in the Panhandle. What's more, he knows the elusive Haynes - because their paths have crossed before.
Primal Fear 331 1996 Crime; Drama <i>Sooner or later a man who wears two faces forgets which one is real.</i><br><br> Guilty? Innocent? Those questions aren't for high-powered Chicago attorney Martin Vail (Richard Gere) to decide. His job is to defend--especially if a case will put his name in the headlines and further his career.<br> When Vail hears that a penniless altar boy (Edward Norton) is accused of murdering the local archbishop, he snaps up the case, eager for the media spotlight. Little does he know that it will uncover a viper's nest of corruption, pit him against a prosecutor who's his ex-lover, and test all his skills, judgment and even his win-at-any-cost attitude.
Proposition, The 1140 2005 Action; Crime; Drama Set at the end of the bushranger era, the epic Australian story concerns family, loyalty and betrayal.
Pulp Fiction 12 1994 Crime; Drama <i>A 2-Disc Set</i><br><br> Critics and audiences worldwide hailed <I>Pulp Fiction</I> as the star-studded motion picture that redefined cinema in the 20th Century! Writer/Director Quentin Tarantino (Academy Award® Winner - Best Original Screenplay, 1994) delivers an unforgettable cast of characters - including a pair of low-rent hit men (John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson), their boss's sexy wife (Uma Thurman) and a desperate prizefighter (Bruce Willis) - in a wildly entertaining and exhilarating motion picture adventure that both thrills and amuses!
Pulp Fiction 531 1994 Comedy; Crime; Drama <i>A 2-Disc Set</i><br /><br /> Critics and audiences worldwide hailed <I>Pulp Fiction</I> as the star-studded motion picture that redefined cinema in the 20th Century! Writer/Director Quentin Tarantino (Academy Award® Winner - Best Original Screenplay, 1994) delivers an unforgettable cast of characters - including a pair of low-rent hit men (John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson), their boss's sexy wife (Uma Thurman) and a desperate prizefighter (Bruce Willis) - in a wildly entertaining and exhilarating motion picture adventure that both thrills and amuses!
Punisher, The 630 1989 Action <i>If Society Won't Punish The Guilty, He Will.</i><br /><br /> Frank Castle, a veteran cop who loses his entire family to a Mafia car bomb. Only his ex-partner believes Castle survived the blast to become THE PUNISHER…a shadowy, invincible fighter against evil who lives for total revenge on his mob enemies. Lashing out from a labyrinth of subterranean sewers, THE PUNISHER leads a heavily armed raid into a world of brutal crime and savage retribution. A World where only one thing is certain…the guilty will be punished.
Raising Arizona 944 1987 Action; Comedy; Crime <i>A comedy beyond belief.</i><br /><br /> Nicolas Cage, Holly Hunter and John Goodman star in Ethan and Joel Coen's acclaimed screwball love story filled with mad chases, unexpected plot twists and wild pyrotechnics. Vowing to go straight, a convenience store bandit (Cage) proposes marriage to the police department's photographer (Hunter). All is wedded bliss until they discover she's unable to get pregnant and are turned down by every adoption agency in town. It doesn't take long before they realize the only solution is to kidnap one of the town's celebrated quintuplets and hit the road!
Repo Man 635 1984 Comedy; Sci-Fi; Action <i>It's 4 A.M., do you know where your car is?</i><br /><br /> The explosive, action-packed cult classic returns in this all-new special edition. Emilio Estevez and Harry Dean Stanton star as "repo men" who get caught up in a series of bizarre adventures involving G-men, a nuclear scientist, UFO cultists and revolutionaries. Put your set belt on and enjoy the wild ride in this groundbreaking, punk-rock, sci-fi black comedy with all-new bonus materials!
Requiem For A Dream 25 2000 Crime; Drama <i>"Brilliant. A Work Of Art." -Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times</i><br><br> Darren Aronofsky, director of the critical smash <I>Pi</I>, follows up his acclaimed debut with a gritty, stylish, emotionally charged story of love, loss, drugs and dreams amid the faded glory of Coney Island. Intricately linking the lives of a struggling, small-time drug dealer (Jared Leto), his pill-popping mother (Ellen Burstyn), his upper-class girlfriend (Jennifer Connelly) and his best friend (Marlon Wayans), <I>Requiem For A Dream</I> is a hypnotic tale of four human beings each pursuing their vision of happiness. Even as everything begins to fall apart, they refuse to let go, plummeting with their dreams into a nightmarish, gut-wrenching freefall.
Revolver 1005 2005 Crime; Drama; Thriller Gambler Jack Green (Statham) enters into a game with potentially deadly consequences.
Road To Perdition 1390 2002 Crime; Drama <i>"A triumph!" -Peter Travers, Rolling Stone</i><br /><br /> Two-time Academy Award®-winner Tom Hanks stars as Michael Sullivan, a father fighting to keep his only son from traveling the <I>Road To Perdition</I>. Directed by Oscar®-winner Sam Mendes, this towering motion picture achievement has been acclaimed by audiences and critics alike as one of the year's most extraordinary films. <BR><BR> Also starring Academy Award winner Paul Newman and Oscar nominee Jude Law, <i>Road To Perdition</i> weaves a mesmerizing tale of a father and son bound together by tragedy and betrayal. On an unforgettable journey of honor, vengeance and redemption, they confront overwhelming odds-and forge an indestructible bond. Hailed for the powerhouse performances of its stars and the stunning impact of its story, <i>Road to Perdition</i> is an electrifying experience that will stay with you for a lifetime.
Rollerball 525 1975 Sci-Fi; Thriller The year is 2018. There are no wars. There is no crime. There is only….the Game. In a world where ruthless corporations reign supreme, this vicious and barbaric "sport" is the only outlet for the pent-up anger and frusterations of the masses. Tuned to their televisions, the people watch "Rollerball": a brutal mutation of football, motocross and hockey. Jonathon E. is the champion player- a man to talented for his own good. The Corporation has taken away the woman Jonathon loves but they can't take away his soul- even if the diabolical corporate head tells him he better retire…. or suffer the old-fashioned way. With its surrealistic imagery and tense action sequences, Rollerball grips you by the heart- and never lets you go!
Romeo Must Die 26 2000 Action; Crime They've got the weapons. They've got the posses. And they've got no chance against former Hong Kong cop Han Sing. Gravity-warping martial arts, cool visual effects and an all-star music track combine in this revved-up action movie from producer Joel Silver (<I>The Matrix</I>) and starring Jet Li (<I>Lethal Weapon 4</I>) in his first English-language lead role. Li plays rough-and-ready Han, who shares an attraction with Trish O'Day (screen-debuting songstress Aaliyah) even though their families are rivals in a fierce Oakland turf battle. The two also share plenty of danger as they try to find the real cause of the blood feud. No gun, no posse? No problem. With Jet Li going to war as only he can, <I>Romeo Must Die</I> is alive and kicking.
Ronin 891 1998 Action; Crime; Thriller In a world where loyalties are easily abandoned and allegiances can be bought, a new and deadlier terrorist threat has emerged - free agent killers!<br><br> The Cold War may be over, but a new world order keeps a group of covert mercenaries employed by the highest bidder. These operatives, known as "Ronin," are assembled in France by a mysterious client for a seemingly routine mission: steal a top-secret briefcase. But the simple task soon proves explosive as other underworld organizations vie for the same prize…and to get the job done, the members of Ronin must do something they've never done before - trust each other!
Running Scared 1198 2006 Action; Crime; Drama; Thriller <i>"Running Scared goes so far over the top...I am in awe." -Roger Ebert</i><br /><br /> Slick, fast-paced and brutally shocking, this gritty actioner will jolt your senses like nothing else you've ever experienced. <bR><Br> Struggling mob hand Joey Gazelle (Paul Walker) finds his life turned inside-out when a "hot" weapon he's in charge of concealing goes missing. With two mafia families and a team of crooked cops watching his every move, Joey sets out on a chilling, bloody pursuit, maneuvering his way through a horrific web of creeps and criminals, praying he can retrieve the gun and make it home to his family - alive.
Rush Hour 452 1998 Action; Comedy; Crime; Thriller Two cops team up to get back a kidnapped daughter.
Rush Hour 2 453 2001 Action; Adventure; Comedy; Crime; Thriller Carter and Lee head to Hong Kong for vacation, but become embroiled in a counterfeit money scam.
S.W.A.T. 1432 2003 Action; Crime Two wisecracking, battle-hardened veterans (Samuel L. Jackson and Colin Farrell) team up with a pair of street-smart rookies (Michelle Rodriguez and LL Cool J) to for the most freewheeling - but effective - S.W.A.T. team ever.. Their first assignment: transport an international drug kingpin into federal custody - after he's offered $100 million to anyone who will free him!
Scarface 301 1983 Crime; Drama <i>He loved the American Dream. With a Vengeance.</i><br><br> In the spring of 1980, the port at Mariel Harbor was opened, and thousands set sail for the United States. They came in search of the American Dream. One of them found it on the sun-washed avenues of Miami... wealth, power and passion beyond his wildest dreams. he was Tony Montana. The world will remember him by another name... <I>Scarface</I>.
Score, The 950 2001 Crime; Drama; Thriller <i>"…An Ingenious Suspense Caper." -Gene Shalit, Today</i><br /><br /> Three generations of acclaimed actors team up in <I>The Score</I>, an intriguing crime thriller that marks the first time that legendary Oscar®-winners Robert De Niro and Marlon Brando have shared the screen. Also starring Oscar®-nominee Edward Norton, <I>The Score</I> wowed critics and audiences alike.<br><br> When expert safecracker Nick Wells (DeNiro) decides it might be time to settle down with his girlfriend Diane (Oscar®-nominee Angela Bassett) and stick to his legitimate business, running a jazz nightclub in Montreal, his friend and partner Max (Brando) has other plans. Heavily in debt to a crime boss, Max needs Nick to pull one last heist: help novice thief Jack Teller (Norton) steal a scepter worth $30 million form the House of Customs. Tempted by the $6 million payday, Nick reluctantly agrees to do the job. But what starts out as a safe bet turns into a high risk gamble when a clash of egos threatens to bring them all down.<br><br> Featuring performances by jazz greats Cassandra Wilson and Mose Allison, <I>The Score</I> is one of the smartest, most entertaining crime capers ever filmed, with surprises at every turn.
Serpico 683 1973 Crime; Drama <I>Serpico</I> is based on the true story of a New York policeman who discovers that honesty is not expected to be part of his job. He endures scorn and mistreatment from his fellow cops while attempting to perform his job with integrity. The character of <I>Serpico</I>, combining the best elements of the Establishment and counter-culture, is a tour-de-force for Al Pacino. The film is a breathtaking suspense story and a fascinating character study as well as a memorable statement about government's inherent flaws.
Seven 119 1995 Thriller <i>A Two-Disc Set</i><br><br> From director David Fincher (<I>Fight Club</I>) comes the psychological thriller about two detectives on the trail of "John Doe," a serial killer who chooses his victims according to the seven deadly sins.
Sexy Beast 516 2001 Crime; Drama <i>Ben Kingsley is "the most savage, mad-dog, frothing gangster in recent movies." -Roger Ebert, The Chicago-Sun Times</i><br /><br /> Ben Kingsley is unforgettably menacing as "the anti-Gandhi" (<I>The New Yorker</I>), delivering "his best performance ever" (<I>Premiere Magazine</I>) in this high-voltage film that crackles with style and wit.<br><br> When sociopathic gangster Don Logan (Kingsley) tries to recruit an ex-partner in crime (Ray Winstone) for a high-stakes heist back to London, the retired criminal refuses, favoring the legit life after serving a prison term. But Logan won't take no for an answer. Tension hits the fever-pitch as this battle of wills plays out in a story that is as funny as it is terrifying.
Shadow, The (Universal) 640 1994 Action; Adventure <i>Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?</i><br /><br /> Alec Baldwin stars with Penelope Ann Miller as the legendary crime-fighting superhero in "The wittiest action-adventure since Indiana Jones!" Donning his sweeping black cape and disguise, The Shadow takes on his most dangerous nemesis yet" the last descendant of the great Genghis Khan whose weapon of choice is an atomic bomb. With the fate of humanity hanging in the balance, they square off for a spectacular battle in a dazzling mixture of mind-blowing special effects, humor and a dose of the macaber that will hold you spellbound!
Shadowboxer 1489 2005 Drama; Thriller; Crime When Rose, a female assassin, is diagnosed with terminal cancer; she decides to carry out one final killing, assisted by lover and also stepson, Mickey. <a href="/rg/title-tease/trailers/title/tt0396857/trailers">(view trailer)</a>
Showtime 1355 2002 Action; Comedy <i>Lights. Camera. Aggravation.</i><br /><br /> <I>Showtime</I> is fun time, an action/comedy tale of mismatched LAPD partners (Robert De Niro and Eddie Murphy) directed by Tom Dey (<I>Shanghai Noon</I>). De Niro, wearing a slow-burn scowl like a badge, plays Mitch, a cop's cop forced by his superiors to be the focus of a reality TV series. Murphy plays Trey, a camera-ready officer more eager to hit his mark than hit the streets. Backed by a ratings-obsessed producer (Rene Russo) and coached in the finer points of copdom by a veteran star (William Shatner, spoofing his T.J. Hooker), Mitch and Trey become America's favorite buddy cops. But reel life soon gives way to the real. A brutal crimelord must be stopped - and that's where the shrapnel hits the fan.
Sicilian, The 567 1987 Crime; Drama <i>Only One Man Ever Dared To Stand Alone.</i><br /><br /> From Mario Puzo, the best-selling author of <I>The Godfather</I>, comes the riveting saga of the life, loves and dreams of the infamous Sicilian bandit, Salvatore Giuliano. Filmed entirely on location in Sicily, <I>The Sicilian</I> stars Terence Stamp (<I>Wall Street</I>) and Christopher Lambert <I>Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan</I>) in a powerful portrayal of Salvatore Giuliano, a man whose dream became a legend.<br><br> World War II is finally over, and a war-torn world is at rest. But for Sicily, who dreams of independence from Rome's oppressive, ironhanded regime, the struggle has just begun. Three powers have always ruled the island - the Church, the Landowners and the Mafia - until Salvatore Giuliano pronounced himself the fourth.<br><br> Determined that Sicily shall gain its freedom, Giuliano and his "brothers" rob and ransom the rich, cold-bloodedly murdering all who dare to defy or betray them. As Giuliano proudly redistributes his newfound wealth among the peasants, Don Masino, the head of the Sicilian Mafia, declares that Giuliano must be stopped - at any cost. Now it's a fight for survival, as the bloodiest manhunt in Italian history sweeps the countryside of the notorious outlaw, Giuliano.
Silence Of The Lambs, The 47 1991 Crime; Thriller <i>"A Knockout! The Most Exciting Thriller In Years!" -The New York Times</i><br><br> Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster deliver sensational Oscar®-winning performances in this "shockingly powerful thriller" (<I>New York</I> Magazine). "Stunning" (<I>Los Angeles Times</I>) and "spellbinding" (<I>The Hollywood Reporter</I>), this terrifying masterpiece garnered five Academy Awards®, including Best Director and the coveted Best Picture.<br><br> A vicious psychopath is murdering women throughout the Midwest. Believing it takes one to know one, the F.B.I. Sends agent Clarice Starling (Foster) to interview a prisoner who may provide clues to the killer's actions. That prisoner is Hannibal Lecter (Hopkins), a brilliant, demented cannibal who agrees to help Starling only if she'll feed his morbid curiosity with details of her own complicated life. But as their relationship develops, Starling is forced to confront not only her own hidden demons… but also an evil so powerful that she may not have the courage - or strength - to stop it!
Sin City 823 2005 Action; Crime; Drama; Thriller An amazing cast of big-screen favorites is directed by Robert Rodriguez (<i>Desperado, From Dusk Till Dawn</i>), Frank Miller - and special guest director Quentin Tarantino (<i>Kill Bill 1 & 2, Pulp Fiction</i>) - in an acclaimed and visually stunning hit that's the coolest movie of the year! Straight from the pages of Miller's hip series of <i>Sin City</i> graphic novels, Bruce Willis stars as a cop with a bum ticker and a vow to protect a sexy stripper (Jessica Alba - <i>Fantastic Four</i>); Mickey Rourke (<i>Man on Fire</i>) as an outcast misanthrope on a mission to avenge the death of his one true love (Jaime King - <i>Pearl Harbor</i>); and Clive Owen (<I>King Arthur</I>) as Dwight, the clandestine love of Shellie (Brittany Murphy - <i>Little Black Book</i>), who spends his night defending Gail (Rosario Dawson - <i>The Devil's Rejects</i>) and her Old Town girls (Devon Aoki and Alexis Bledel) from a tough guy (Benicio Del Toro - <i>21 Grams</i>) with a penchant for violence. Also starring Elijah Wood, Nick Stahl, Michael Madsen, Carla Gugino and Michael Clarke Duncan.
Sin City Recut & Extended (Unrated) 1076 2005 Action; Crime; Fantasy This Recut & Extended Edition is the ultimate <i>Sin City</i> DVD Collection and features a never-before-seen re-edited version oft he original motion picture, the original theatrical release and extensive brand-new bonus material!<br><br> The acclaimed hit from director Robert Rodriguez delivers stories straight from the pages of Frank Miller's hip series of <i>Sin City</i> graphic novels...and stars Bruce Willis, Jessica Alba, Mickey Rourke, Jaime King, Clive Own, Brittany Murphy, Rosario Dawson, Devon Aoki, Alexis Bledel, Benicio Del Toro, Elijah Wood, Nick Stahl, Michael Madsen, Carla Cugino and Michael Clarke Duncan.
Sleepers 592 1996 Crime; Drama; Thriller <i>Four friends have made a mistake that will change their lives forever.</i><br /><br /> The judicial system is supposed to protect them. But when a youthful prank in New York's Hell's Kitchen spins out of control, the punishment doesn't fit the crime. Sentenced to the Wilkinson School for Boys, four pals are mistreated at will by a cadre of sadistic guards. Now, 15 years later, they have an unexpected opportunity to use that system-for revenge. Friendship. Loyalty. Retribution. From its telltale opening lines to its stunning courtroom climax, Sleepers is spellbinding entertainment. With a vengeance.
Sling Blade 1395 1996 Drama <i>A Simple Man…<BR>A Difficult Choice.</i><br /><br /> Now, see for yourself- the powerful motion picture applauded by critics and moviegoers alike… written, directed and starring Billy Bob Thorton! 25 years after commiting an unthinkable crime, a quiet man named Karl is finally returning home. Once there, he is befriended by a fatherless boy and his mother. But when his newfound peace is shattered by the mother's abusive boyfriend, Karl is suddenly placed on a collision course with his past! Also featuring Robert DuVall, John Ritter, and J.T. Walsh- Sling Blade is an absolutely unforgettable movie experience!
Sneakers 248 1992 Crime; Thriller <i>We could tell you what it's all about.<BR> But then, of course, we would have to kill you.</i><br><br> Computer expert Martin Bishop (Robert Redford) heads a team of renegade hackers - including a former CIA employee (Sindey Poitier), a gadgets wizard (Dan Aykroyd), a young genius (River Phoenix) and a blind soundman (David Strathairn) - who are routinely hired to test security systems. Bishop's past comes back to haunt him when government agents blackmail the "sneakers" into carrying out a covert operation: tracking down an elusive black box. Along with his former girlfriend (Mary McDonnell), Bishop's team retrieves the box and makes a stunning discovery - the device can break into any computer system in the world. With factions from all sides willing to kill for the powerful box, Bishop and his team embark on their most dangerous assignment ever in this exhilarating high-tech caper from director Phil Alden Robinson.
Spider-Man 2 752 2004 Action; Fantasy; Sci-Fi; Thriller <i><font color="red">This is a UMD title that is currently only playable on the Sony PSP portable system.</font></i><br><br> Peter Parker (<b>Toby Maguire</b>) gives up his crime-fighting identity of Spider-Man in a desperate attempt to return to ordinary life and keep the love of MJ (<b>Kirsten Dunst</b>). But a ruthless, terrifying new villain, the multi-tentacled Doc Ock, forces Peter to swing back into action to save everything he holds dear.
Spun 1438 2002 Comedy; Crime; Drama <i>A swaggering journey into hell that conveys a chortling amusement... with a hip gallows humor.</i><br /><br /> Three days of epic drug binging become a meth-induced odyssey for college drop out Ross when he becomes the local Crystal Meth cook's personal driver in exchange for free drugs. Bouncing from one bizarre situation to another, Ross slowly slips deeper and deeper into the crazy anonymous world of speed freaks in which there exists no boundaries or morality. With an all star cast including Brittany Murphy, Jason Schwartzman, John Leguizamo, Patrick Fugit, Mena Suvari, and an unfortunate green dog, get ready to see the city through eyes that can't sleep. It's <I>Spun</I>.
Starsky & Hutch 1392 2003 Action; Comedy; Crime <i>Here Comes The Fuzz!</i><br /><br /> Starsky takes the wheel, Hutch rides shotgun and comedy runs wild in this hilarious twist on the landmark buddy-cop TV show. <br><br> Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson bring a playful chemistry to the roles of undercover detectives Starsky and Hutch. Todd Phillips (<i>Old School, Road Trip</i>) directs this '70s groove in which our guys are stripped of their badges, duped by a drug kingpin (Vince Vaughn) and totally ripped off in a disco contest. So, yeah, they got some scores to settle. Snoop Dogg is in fly funkadelic mode as urban coolster Huggy Bear. And Juliette Lewis and others make for nonstop fun. If inducing laughter is a crime, they're all guilty as charged!
Stealing Harvard 478 2002 Comedy <i>Their intentions were honorable, their methods were criminal</i><br /><br /> John (Jason Lee) leads a simple and happy life. He has a beautiful fiancée and an assistant manager position at his future father-in-law's company. Everything seems perfect, until John's favorite niece surprises him with her acceptance to Harvard University and he's reminded of a long forgotten oath he made to foot the bill!<Br><Br> Desperate, John turns to his hair brained and half witted best friend Duff (Tom Green) for advice. Thinking far outside the box, Duff convinces John that they must temporarily lead a life of crime to raise the needed cash!<Br><br> From the director of <I>Superstar</I> and co-starring Megan Mullally (Emmy Award winning Best Supporting Actress for TV's <I>Will & Grace</I>) and Dennis Farina (<I>Snatch, Big Trouble</I>), <I>Stealing Harvard</I> is an outrageous comedy of errors proving that getting into college is the easy part!
Sting, The 759 1973 Crime; Drama <i>2-Disc Special Edition Digitally Remastered with Completely Restored Audio</i><br><br> Winner of 7 Academy Awards®, including Best Picture, <i>The Sting</i> stars <b>Paul Newman</b> and <b>Robert Redford</b> as two con men in 1930s Chicago. After a friend is killed by the mob, they try to get even by attempting to pull off the ultimate "sting." No one is to be trusted as the twists unfold, leading up to the greatest double-crosses in movie history. The con is on!
Stir Of Echoes 1383 1999 Horror; Mystery; Thriller Tom Witzky (Kevin Bacon) is a blue-collar worker, a family man, the most ordinary guy in the world… <br><br> who is about to be plunged into a shattering encounter with another world. And it doesn't matter that Tom doesn't believe in the supernatural. Because something supernatural has started to believe in Tom.<br><br> After he is hypnotized at a neighborhood party, Tom changes. He sees things he can't explain and hears voices he can't ignore. As the horrific visions intensify, Tom realizes they are calling out to be solved. But when his otherworldly nightmares begin coming true, Tom wants out. He desperately tries to rid himself of his eerie, unwanted powers - only to be seized by an irresistible compulsion to dig deeper and deeper into the mystery that is consuming his life. When at last he unearths the truth, it will draw him into the long-buried secret of a ghastly crime, a vengeful spirit... and the lethal price of laying that spirit to rest.<br>
Sudden Impact 440 1983 Action; Crime; Drama; Thriller A rape victim is exacting revenge on her agressors in a small town outside San Francisco. Dirty Harry, on suspension for angering his superiors (again), is assigned to the case.
Swordfish (2) 1350 2001 Action; Crime; Thriller <b>Version 1</b><br />Swordfish.DVDRip.Ver1.640x272.DivX3<br /><b>Version 2</b><br />Swordfish.DVDRip.Ver2.720x320.XviD<br /> <i>Log on. Hack in. Go anywhere. Steal everything.</i><br /><br /> Use a computer, go to jail. The terms of Stanley Jobson's parole are clear. Yet a $10-million payday awaits the superhacker if he takes on a job masterminded by a charismatic covert agent - the daring electronic theft of a government slush fund codenamed <I>Swordfish</I>.<br><br> John Travolta is the mastermind, Hugh Jackman is the hacker and Halle Berry and Don Cheadle co-star in this volatile high-tech thriller directed by Dominic Sena (<I>Gone in 60 Seconds</I>) and produced by Joel Silver (<I>The Matrix</I>) and Jonathan D. Krane (<I>Face/Off</I>). Log on, tap in, kick back for cyber-edge action and suspense. Your password for excitement is <I>Swordfish</I>.
Talented Mr. Ripley, The 905 1999 Crime; Drama; Thriller <i>"A mesmerizing masterpiece of the unexpected!" -David Sheehan, CBS-TV</i><br /><br /> Matt Damon, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jude Law and Cate Blanchett electrify the screen in this riveting thriller from Oscar-winning director Anthony Minghella (<I>The English Patient</I>). Matt Damon "gives one of the year's most extraordinary performances" (<I>Premiere</I>) as Tom Ripley, a calculating young man who believes it's better to be a fake somebody than a real nobody. Opportunity knocks in the form of a wealthy American shipbuilder who hires Tom to travel to Italy to bring back his playboy son, Dickie (Law). Ripley worms his way into the idyllic lives of Dickie and his girlfriend (Paltrow), plunging into a daring scheme of duplicity, lies and murder.
Tales From the Hood 674 1995 Horror; Crime; Action <i>Where Nightmares And Reality Meet. On The Streets.</i><br /><br /> One of the best horror films of the decade. Welcome to the hood of horrors--a place where it's hard to tell nightmares from reality.<br> Stack, Ball and Bulldog arrive at a local funeral parlor to retrieve a lost drug stash held by the mortician Mr. Simms. But Mr. Simms has other plans for the boys. He leads them on a tour of his establishment, introducing them to his corpses. Even the dead has tales to tell, and Mr. Simms is willing to tell them all. And you'd better listen--because when you're in his 'hod, even everyday life can lead to extraordinary terror.
Tango & Cash 634 1989 Action; Comedy; Crime; Thriller <i>Two of LA's top rival cops are going to have to work together…even if it kills them.</i><br /><br /> Ray Tango (Stallone) and Gabe Cash (Russell) are rival LA policemen with one thing in common: each thinks <I>he<I/> is the best. Team them and they're like oil and water. But frame them for a crime and they're like a match and kerosene.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 563 1990 Action; Comedy Now you can catch America's favorite green teens in their first live-action blockbuster film! After wading in a puddle of radioactive waste, these radical reptiles are transformed into New York City's greatest crime-fighting quartet. Featuring a soundtrack by MC Hammer, this film will captivate adults and kids alike with its blend of humor, camaraderie and martial arts action. Don't miss this blockbuster movie. You'll have one shell of a good time!
The 25th Hour 709 2002 Crime; Drama <i>"One of the year's most explosive films." -Clay Smith, Access Hollywood</i><br><br> Academy Award nominee Edward Norton heads an amazing all-star cast in the critically acclaimed Spike Lee (<i>Summer of Sam, Do the Right Thing</i>) film <i>25th Hour</i>. In 24 short hours Monty Brogan (Norton) goes to prison for seven long years. Once a king of Manhattan, Monty is about to say goodbye to the life he knew-a life that opened doors to New York's swankiest clubs but also alienated him from the people closest to him. In his last day on the outside, Monty tries to reconnect with his father (Brian Cox, <i>The Bourne Identity</i>), and gets together with two old friends, Jacob (Philip Seymour Hoffman, <i>Almost Famous</i>) and Slaughtery (Barry Pepper, <i>The Green Mile</i>). And then there's his girlfriend, Naturelle (Rosario Dawson, <i>Men In Black II</i>), who might (or might not) have been the one who tipped off the cops. Monty's not sure of much these days, but with time running out, there are choices to be made as he struggles to redeem himself in the <i>25th Hour</i>.
The Enforcer 438 1976 Action; Crime; Drama; Thriller Dirty Harry must foil a terrorist organization made up of disgruntled Vietnam veterans. But this time, he's teamed with a rookie female partner that he's not too excited to be working with.
The Firm (Gary Oldman) 559 1988 Crime; Drama; Sport This is the story of rival "Firms" of football (soccer) supporters, and how one man has a wish to team them up for the European Championships of 1988...
The Godfather 294 1972 Crime; Drama Francis Ford Coppola's epic masterpiece features Marlon Brando in his Oscar-winning role as the patriarch of the Corleone family. Director Coppola paints a chilling portrait of the Sicilian clan's rise and near fall from power in America, masterfully balancing the story between the Corleone's family life and the ugly crime business in which they are engaged. Based on Mario Puzo's best-selling novel and featuring career-making performances by Al Pacino, James Caan and Robert Duvall, this searing and brilliant film garnered ten Academy Award nominations, and won three including Best Picture of 1972.
The Godfather Part II 295 1974 Crime; Drama This brilliant companion piece to the original <i>The Godfather</i> continues the saga of two generations of successive power within the Corleone family. Director <b>Francis Ford Coppola</b> tells two stories in Part II: the roots and rise of a young Don Vito, played with uncanny ability by <b>Robert De Niro</b>, and the ascension of Michael (Al Pacino) as the new Don. Reassembling many of the talents who helped make <i>The Godfather</i>, <b>Coppola</b> has produced a movie of staggering magnitude and vision, and undeniably the best sequel ever made. <b>Robert De Niro</b> won an Oscar®; the film received six Academy Awards®, including Best Picture of 1974.
The Godfather Part III 296 1990 Crime; Drama One of the greatest sagas in movie history continues. In this third film in the epic Corleone trilogy, <b>Al Pacino</b> reprises the role of powerful family leader Michael Corleone. Now in his 60's, Michael is dominated by two passions: freeing his family from crime and finding a suitable successor. That successor could be fiery Vincent (Andy Garcia)...but he may also be the spark that turns Michael's hope of business legitimacy into an inferno of mob violence.<br><br> Francis Ford Coppola directs <b Pacino</b>, <b>Garcia</b>, <b>Diane Keaton</b>, <b>Talia Shire</b>, <b>Eli Wallach</b>, <b>Sofia Coppola</b>, <b>Joe Mantegna</b> and others in this exciting, long-awaited film that masterfully explores the themes of power, tradition, revenge and love. Seven Academy Award® nominations for 1990 were the result, including Best Picture.
Thief 669 1981 Thriller James Cann is at his very best as a tough, wisecracking professional thief trapped between Chicago organized crime families and corrupt police. Filmed on rain-slicked Chicago streets, Thief captures the chilling suspense and human drama of professional crime.
Thinner 397 1996 Horror <i>Let the curse fit the crime.</i><br><br> A fat Lawyer finds himself growing "Thinner" when an old gypsy man places a hex on him. Now the lawyer must call upon his friends in organized crime to help him persuade the gypsy to lift the curse. Time is running out for the desperate lawyer as he draws closer to his own death, and grows ever thinner.
Thomas Crown Affair, The 70 1999 Crime <i>How do you get the man who has everything?</i><br><br> <B>"Pierce Brosnan and Rene Russo catch fire" (USA Today) in this sizzling, suspense-filled thriller from the director of <I>Die Hard and The Hunt For Red October</I>.</B><br><br> Thrill-seeking billionaire Thomas Crown <B>(Brosnan) </B>loves nothing more than courting disaster - and winning! So when his world becomes too stiflingly "safe," he pulls off his boldest stunt ever: stealing a priceless painting - in broad daylight - from one of Manhattan's most heavily-guarded museums. But his post-heist excitement soon pales beside an even greater challenge: Catherine Banning <B>(Russo).</B> A beautiful insurance investigator hired to retrieve the artwork, Catherine's every bit as intelligent, cunning and hungry for adventure as he is. And just when Thomas realizes he's finally met his match, she skillfully leads him into a daring game of cat and mouse that's more intoxicating - and dangerous - than anything either of them has ever experienced before!
Time To Kill, A 966 1996 Crime; Thriller <i>From the best-selling author of The Firm and The Client</i><br /><br /> A lawyer and his assistant fighting to save a father on trial for murder. A time to question what they believe. A time to question what they trust. And no time for mistakes.
Topaz 760 1969 Crime; Drama; Thriller Coming Soon!
Traffic 1463 2000 Crime; Drama; Thriller <i>"Breathtakingly stylish." -New York Post</i><br /><br /> <I>Traffic</I> examines the effect of drugs as politics, business, and lifestyle. Acting as his own director of photography, Steven Soderbergh employs an innovative, color-coded cinematic treatment to distinguish the interwoven stories of a newly appointed drug czar and his family, a West Coast kingpin's wife, a key informant, and cops on both sides of the U.S./ Mexican border. Rarely has a film so energetic and suspenseful presented a more complex and nuanced view of an issue of such international importance. Instantly recognized as a classic, <I>Traffic</I> appeared on more than 200 critics' ten-best-lists, and earned 5 Academy Award® nominations.
Training Day 121 2001 Action; Crime; Drama <i>The only thing more dangerous than the line being crossed is the cop who will cross it.</i><br><br> Rookie cop Jake Hoyt wants to stop crooks, not become one. But staying on the right side of the line that separates cop from criminal will be more challenging than anything he's faced. Because Hoyt's senior partner for the next 24 hours is Alonzo Harris, an undercover narc meaner than any of L.A.'s mean streets.<br><br> In a powerful departure from his frequent good-guy roles, Denzel Washington plays Harris, the twisted but charismatic detective who both attracts and repels as he becomes the kind of thug he's supposed to collar. Ethan Hawke plays unseasoned recruit Hoyt. And Antoine Fuqua (<I>The Replacement Killers, Bait</I>) directs, guiding a cast that includes music stars Dr. Dre, Macy Gray and Snoop Dogg. <I>Training Day</I>. It's a day of reckoning.
Trainspotting 896 2004 Comedy; Crime; Drama <i>Uncut International Version - 2-Disc Set</i><br /><br /> From the director of <I>28 Days Later</I>... The motion picture sensation that wowed critics and audiences nationwide, <I>Trainspotting</I> delivers a wild mix of rebellious action and wicked humor! It's the story of four friends as they try to make it in the world on their own terms... and who end up planning the ultimate scam! Powered by an outstanding cast of stars including Ewan McGregor (<I>Big Fish, Star Wars Episodes I, II & III</I>), Robert Carlyle (<I>The World is Not Enough, The Full Monty</I>) and Jonny Lee Miller (<I>Dracula 2000, Mansfield Park</I>) and a high-energy soundtrack, <I>Trainspotting</I> is spectacular, groundbreaking entertainment!
True Romance 595 1993 Action; Crime; Drama; Romance; Thriller <i>Stealing, Cheating, Killing. Who said romance is dead?</i><br /><br /> Two lovers (Slater and Arquette) are thrust into a dangerous game of high-stakes negotiations and high-speed adventure. The pair come into unexpected possession of a suitcase of mob contraband. They flee to LA, where they'll sell the goods and begin a new life. But both sides of the law have other ideas.
Two Hands 1414 1999 Drama; Comedy; Crime; Thriller <i>"Clever, hip, and razor sharp." -- Rolling Stone</i><br /><br /> <b>Heath Ledger</b> (<i>The Brothers Grimm, A Knight's Tale, The Patriot</i>) gets a double shot of danger and passion in this edgy crime thriller! <Br><Br> When a large amount of loot belonging to a local gangster (<b>Bryan Brown</b>, <i>F/X, Cocktail</i>) disappears, Jimmy (Ledger) takes the blame and finds himself running from some ruthless thugs. Desperate to repay the boss' money... and distracted by the sexy Alex (<b>Rose Byrne</b>, <i>Star Wars Episode II: Attack of The Clones</i>, <i>Wicker Park</i>)... nothing goes as planned as Jimmy is drawn even deeper into a dangerous criminal underworld! Hailed by critics, <i>Two Hands</i> is a riveting, stylish and often humorous crime story that crackles with action!
Underclassman 1062 2005 Action; Comedy; Crime; Drama; Thriller <i>A Comedy About Upholding The Law And Disturbing The Peace.</i><br><br> This fast-paced action comedy stars Nick Cannon (<i>Drumline, Roll Bounce</i>) as a streetwise detective who goes undercover - and ends up in over his head! Tracy "Tre" Stokes (Cannon) is a rookie bike cop who finally gets the kind of heavyweight assignment he’s been begging for: find the killer of a student at an elite private school! What he discovers is a plot more deadly than anyone imagined! With danger ... and preppies...everywhere, Tre will need his hip personality to fit in and his unorthodox style of investigation to crack the case! Packed with high-octane laughs and featuring Roselyn Sanchez (<i>Rush Hour 2</i>) and Kelly Hu (<i>The Scorpion King</i>), <i>Underclassman</i> delivers over-the-top entertainment!
Untouchables, The 391 1987 Crime; Drama The critics and public agree. Brian DePalma's <i>The Untouchables</i> is a must see masterpiece - a glorious, fierce, larger-than-life depiction of the mob warlord who ruled Prohibition-era Chicago...and the law enforcer who vowed to bring him down.<br><br> This classic confrontation between good and evil stars Kevin Costner as federal agent Eliot Ness, Robert DeNiro as gangland kingpin Al Capone and Sean Connery as Malone, the cop who teaches Ness how to beat the mob: shoot fast and shoot first.<br>
Usual Suspects, The 41 1995 Crime; Mystery; Thriller <i>"A stylish and intricate thriller stocked with powerhouse performers." -Newsweek</i><br><br> Masterful, atmospheric and dripping with suspense, this winner of two Academy Awards® is the "freshest, funniest and scariest crime thriller to come along since <I>Pulp Fiction</I>" (Rolling Stone). Stephen Baldwin, Gabriel Byrne, Kevin Pollack, Kevin Spacey (in his first Oscar®-winning role), and Oscar® winner Benicio Del Toro underworld kingpin in this "thoroughly engrossing film" (HBO) that's "a polished exercise in pure virtuoso style" (<I>Los Angeles Times</I>)!
What's The Worst That Could Happen? 484 2001 Comedy; Crime <i>It takes a thief to nail a crook.</i><br /><br /> Possession may be 9/10 of the law… but payback is everything to the lawless. Martin Lawrence and Danny DeVito escalate a battle of egos - and a battalion of laughs - to epic proportions in this fast-paced joke-fest that takes low-down behavior to hilarious new heights! Co-starring John Leguizamo (<I>Moulin Rouge</I>), Glenne Headly (<I>Dirty Rotten Scoundrels</I>), William Fichtner (<I>Pearl Harbor</I>), Bernie Mac (<I>The Original Kings of Comedy</I>), Carmen Ejogo (<I>The Avengers</I>), Larry Miller (<I>The Nutty Professor II</I>) and Nora Dunn (<I>Three Kings</I>), this laugh-out-loud comedy proves that "the worst that could happen is missing this film" (Jeffrey Lyons)!<Br><br> Caught red-handed trying to rob a mansion, Kevin Caffery (Lawrence) leaves empty-handed when the house's owner, ruthless billionaire Max Fairbanks (DeVito) spies Kevin's 'lucky' ring and claims it as his own! Out of jail and out of his mind with rage, Kevin will do anything to get the ring back. But Max considers it his most cleverly won possession and will do anything to keep it! With battle lines drawn and no risk too great, these two set out to ruin each other's lives… and both succeed admirably!
White Chicks 742 2004 Crime; Comedy <i>They're Going Deep Undercover</i><br><br> From Keenen Ivory Wayans, the director of <i>Scary Movie</i>, comes WHITE CHICKS, a gender-bending, gut-busting comedy starring funnymen Shawn Wayans and Marlon Wayans.<br><br> What happens when two fumbling FBI agents disguise themselves as mega-rich princesses to infiltrate high society? Snap! It's frantic antics and nonstop hilarity as the brothers go from hopeless G-men to haute couture G-strings...with <i>attitude</i>!<br><br> Groovin' tunes, hardcore jams and a side=splitting disco dance-off with the bluebloods fuel outrageous laughs from start to finish in WHITE CHICKS - two brothers just keepin' it real. Sort of.<br>
Whole Nine Yards, The 1309 2000 Comedy; Crime <i>In the heart of suburbia, a hit man with heart has just moved in.</i><br /><br /> There goes the neighborhood -- in a pine box. When hit man Jimmy "The Tulip" Tudeski moves into a comfy suburb, everyone's suddenly in danger of pushing up daisies. And it's not all Jimmy's doing, either.<br><br> Jonathan Lynn (<I>My Cousin Vinny</I>) directs and a top cast packs heat in this manic comedy about life, love and plenty of ammo. Bruce Willis is Jimmy, whose arrival sparks a chain reaction in which just about everybody wants to clip somebody else. Matthew Perry plays a hapless dentist who finds a way to get on the Tulip's good <I>and</I> bad sides. And Rosanna Arquette, Michael Clarke Duncan, Natasha Henstridge, Amanda Peet and Kevin Pollak add to the wacky and whacked fun of "a laugh riot" (Larry King, <I>USA Today</I>).
Whole Ten Yards, The 1310 2003 Comedy; Crime; Thriller <i>"Genuinely Hilarious." -Liam Mayclem, KRON-TV/San Francisco</i><br /><br /> When last seen, retired hitman Jimmy "The Tulip" wasn't seen at all. He was dead and Mexico. Dentist Oz Oseransky faked dental records that proved Jimmy's death and allowed him to secretly vamoose to a bunny-slippered Baja life. Then one day Oz shows up uninvited with a simple request. H-E-L-L-L-P! <BR><BR> Five stars return for a crazier-plus-one sequel to <i>The Whole Nine Yards</i>. This time, Jimmy (Bruce Willis) is reeled in to help rescue Oz's wife (Natasha Henstridge) after phonetically challenged mobster Lazlo (Kevin Pollak) kidnaps her. Jimmy's wife (Amanda Peet), an eager wannabe assassin, is thrilled to be back in the game. Panicked Oz (Matthew Perry) is sure they're all going to wake up dead. And everything spins into gleeful new realms of the whacked and wacky. How does it all end <i>this time</i>? Sorry. Our tulips are sealed.
Wild At Heart 591 1990 Comedy; Crime; Drama; Romance; Thriller David Lynch delivers a "stunning piece of work" (<i>Chicago Tribune</i>) with this "flamboyantly violent and erotic" (<i>The Village Voice</i>) tale of love on the run. Winner of the prestigious Palme d'Or at the Cannes International Film Festival, <i>Wild At Heart</i> is a twisted "rollercoaster ride to redemption through an American gothic heart of darkness" (<i>Variety</i>). If Lula (Laura Dern) knows on thing in this world, it's that she's destined to be with her ex-con boyfriend Sailor (Nicolas Cage) - no matter how many times her mama (Diane Ladd) tries to kill him. But when she and Sailor finally hit the road in a desperate bid to find happiness, their journey plunges them into a disturbing underworld filled with sexual secrets and dangerous desires that form a terrifying "tapestry of human extremity" (<i>Variety</i>).
Wolf Creek 1103 2005 Adventure; Crime; Horror; Thriller A chilling, factually-based, story of three road-trippers in remote Australia who are plunged into danger when they accept help from a friendly local.
Young Guns 408 1988 Western <i>Six of the hottest stars</i><br><br> The year is 1878, Lincoln County, John Tunstall, a British ranch owner, hires six rebellious boys as "regulators" to protect his ranch against the ruthless Santa Fe Ring. When Tunstall is killed in an ambush, the Regulators, led by the wild-tempered Billy the Kid (<b>Estevez</b>), declare war on the Ring. As their vendetta turns into a bloody rampage, they are branded outlaws, becoming the objects of the largest manhunt in the western history.

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